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Get excited

I will spare you the waffle about how sales is changing and summarize with a few headlines –

Buyers are more informed about products than ever”

They're speaking with salespeople 70% through the sales cycle rather than at the beginning of it”

If you're willing to start Push Pull Selling then all of these headlines become positives.

As the old school, dialing for dollars and gift of the gab salespeople fade into obsurity the market will open up to you.

This is the best time ever to be working in sales!


Push Pull Selling

Push Pull Selling is a simple concept but the applications of it vary wildly.

The structure came to me after I left my last medical device sales role to help with marketing at the companies biggest rival.

For the previous 4 decades they had typically won business from surgeons by taking them away on “training courses” where they'd spend the day time learning from superior, celebrity surgeons and then going out and partying in the evenings.

They would get seriously rowdy!

They then went back and updated their surgical equipment under the promise that their “personal development” would continue moving forward.

Additionally the salesperson would regularly arrange to bring in all the latest surgical toys for them to play (experiment) with in their theater sessions.

However about 5 years ago things started to change.

  1. The NHS dramatically reduced the amount of time they were given for extra non-NHS training.
  2. It became harder for a salesperson to just bring in random medical equipment into a hospital.

These two barriers lead to the following –

  1. Surgeons were less happy to spend their free time away from their families/the golf course and so stopped attending so many of the industry lead training programs.
  2. They started reviewing medical devices online and via their specifications rather than physical evaluations.

In an instant the whole marketing, nurturing and sales channel for billion dollar medical device companies near collapsed.


The solution

The concept of Push Pull Selling came about as I studied what marketers attempt to do and applied this to the sales person individually.

For the company I was consulting with, we set up a system so that their sales teams didn't have to rely on anyone else to bring in, stay in communication, nurture and then close their leads.

It all begins with pushing –


Push – Rather than taking the surgeons away for training, we put it right in front of them. We created a mini, online surgical school using content the medical device brand had already created.

This allowed us to push content every single week and gave the salespeople an opportunity to both add value and not talk about products as often as they wanted.

We found that as long as the content was of high quality, celebrity surgeons were involved and it was presented by attractive women dressed in scrubs (I'm sorry this was the case, but it did make a difference) even prospects who had been using other brands of medical equipment for decades wanted access.

Of course every video included the companies logo and to gain access to had to speak with one of their sales reps and give them a list of details that will be useful in the future.

Pull – Once we'd given the surgeon massive value as overtly ask them for business.

No messing around. No influence or rapport building shenanigans.

A straight up – “We'd love to continue to produce this content. To support us to support your personal development would you be interested in discussing swapping out all your old surgical equipment and replacing it with what you see your surgical hero's using in our videos?”

Of course most surgeons said hell yeah and we move onto the next phase of the sale by speaking to procurement (with surgeons breathing down their neck about patient safety, the risk of being sued due to poor equipment etc) about raising funding.


The icing on the cake

It doesn't end there! –

  • Within a few months they'd built a huge database of surgeons addresses, interests (from what they chose to study on the online program) and a referral system to make sure this is constantly growing.
  • After an initial investment in getting it up and running it's far cheaper and scalable than flying surgeons out to Paris every few months.
  • Sales reps were seen as team members and educators rather than slimy sales manipulators.
  • The company become “cool” in the eyes of younger, up and coming surgeons which won't lead to massive revenue spikes right now but in 5 years they will be the decision makers so it's an investment for then.


I can only give so much value

That brings me back to the beginning of this post.

Our pull.

Pulls can come asking for differing levels of commitment.

The Salesman.Red team is pushing the Salesman Podcast, entertaining videos, blog posts and a whole lot more to you, sales nation.

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That is an easy pull to ask for as there is very little downside.

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We then have an additional pull which requires a little more commitment further down the line.

Every 20 or pieces of content you consume you will likely come across a mention of the Sales School which is our premium expert sales training resource.

That is our main pull.

It's the one that puts a roof over my head and allows me to buy better camera equipment, travel further a field to interview sales experts on the podcast in person and a whole lot more.


Want to start Push Pull Selling?

My challenge to you is for you to answer these questions in your head. It will take 40 seconds tops –

  • Would it be useful to have a system in place to add value to your prospects before they become customers?
  • Would your prospects enjoy seeing/hearing/reading about the expert knowledge you have in your head about their industry?
  • Would you like to have an asset (customer database that you own) which you could take with you to your next sales role?
  • Would you like to have a reason to contact new prospects that isn't “I'm trying to sell you something”? How much easier would that make getting in front of new potential customers?

If you answered yes to any of these then perhaps you should up your game and start adding more value by leveraging Push Pull Selling.


Tools for Push Pull Selling

There are 2x tools that you cannot do without whilst Push Pull Selling. They will 10x the results you get from the same amount of effort –

Clearslide – This world leading sales enablement tool enables you to both track when your emails are opened and also respond to this attention in real time.

It allows you to push, push, push content to the prospect, add massive value and then pull at the right moment by sending an invitation to engage or start a live pitch.



Twitter – I know of only a handful of sales professionals who are leveraging Twitter to it's fullest.

I'm not one of them.

At the moment we push, push and push even more the content that we create on the blog and occasionally some live tweeting of events that are going down here at Salesman.Red.

We're missing the whole point of Twitter.

It's an amazing platform for pulling conversations rather than pushing content!

In the image above I simply searched for “Podcast Sponsor” to see if there was anyone talking about sponsoring podcasts which would be a conversation I could engage in, add value and be interacting with future potential partners of the Salesman Podcast.

The first thing that came up? A podcast that has got their audience to do the pulling for them.



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Final pull from me –

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If the prospect is 70% of the way down the sales cycle before they speak to you because they're reading content and product reviews online, wouldn't you like it to be YOUR content they're viewing?

Wouldn't you like a value adding excuse to contact them whenever you want by saying “here's a new piece of content that's really going to make your life better”?

Push Pull Selling is the future of sales.

I have no doubt about it.
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