5 Best Sales Training Programs for Modern Sales Representatives

Research suggests the best sales training can improve a sales representative’s performance on average by 20% and every dollar invested in sales training returned to $29 in incremental revenues.

However, not every sales training program is worth your money.

Sales training programs can be courses, tutorials, certifications, seminars, or simulations designed to make salespeople better at selling. From improving your sales methodologies to enhancing your selling skills, the best sales training programs can have a significant impact on your sales career.

But which ones are worth your money and time? Let’s find out.

What are the Best Sales Training Programs?

A sales training program can be a virtual or in-person seminar, course, or workshop that:

  • evaluates a sales professional’s skills,
  • helps them implement a sales process,
  • become a stronger member of a sales team,
  • teaches them effective selling strategies and techniques, and
  • trains them to become more effective at generating leads and closing deals.

Upon completion, the program also validates the sales professional’s newly acquired education and skill with a credential, like a certificate or a badge.

How can the best sales training programs help? The best sales training programs help a sales rep achieve personal and organizational goals faster and understand their potential customers’ requirements. The programs also enhance their ability to create 1:1 connections with their prospects and become more productive at work to easily meet their quotas.

5 Best Sales Training Programs for 2022

With countless sales training program options on the market, finding the right fit for you can be challenging. To help you get started, here are some of the best sales training programs to make you a successful sales professional.

#1 Selling Made Simple Academy by Salesman.org

No, this isn’t us tooting our horn. We’ve earned our place on this list.

Selling Made Simple Academy is a online sales training and mentorship program that teaches sales professionals how to find more leads and close more deals. Signing up for this sales training program will make you eligible for an exclusive sales assessment and provide you access to video training, software tools, templates, and step-by-step frameworks—all designed to help you practice and improve your sales skills.

This whole online sales training program is divided into four modules:

  • Module 1 helps you understand your market, where you learn the importance of value proposition and the buyer's journey.
  • Module 2 simplifies the art of connecting with buyers, helping you develop a sales cadence that's guaranteed to deliver results and master lead generation through cold calling and on LinkedIn.
  • Module 3 explains the value by diagnosing your buyers’ problems and teaching you how to launch upselling campaigns, create effective sales demos, and close more deals.
  • Module 4 strengthens your mental game, where you master the 12 traits of high-performing sales pros, learn the skill of assertiveness, and create a productivity and accountability system.

With Selling Made Simple Academy you get a customized sales training plan, access to a community of high performing sales professionals and weekly, live online sales training too.

Remember, you need training on the entire sales process and ongoing training too if you're to have real success in modern B2B sales.

What’s more, we offer an absolute satisfaction guarantee. Complete the training program in full, and if you’re still not happy with the results, you can avail of our 30-day money-back guarantee.

#2 The IMPACT Selling Seminar by The Brooks Group

The IMPACT Selling Seminar is one of the best virtual sales training programs that cover critical sales-related topics, complete with instructor-led seminars.

It’s designed to help sales professionals learn a straightforward sales process that will help them repeatedly close more deals. The seminar tries to do away with overly complicated routines and instead creates a structured sales training approach focused on six simple steps that are easy to follow and implement and align with the customers’ buying process.

The six step sales process improves sales performance by breaking down the sales cycle into:

  1. Learn which questions to ask during sales calls, and how to ask them to uncover wants and needs
  2. Understand where you are in the selling process at any given time, and figure out clear action steps to move the sale to words completion
  3. Learn to recall planning and positioning strategies to establish yourself as an expert advisor in the consultative selling process
  4. Discover effective prospecting strategies and techniques to fill your sales pipeline with qualified leads
  5. Know how to differentiate between yourself and your products and services, as well as manage objections and sell on value
  6. Identify different prospect buying styles and understand how to adapt to them

As part of the IMPACT Selling Seminar, you get six 2-hour sessions of virtual sales training, personal assessment and selling skills analysis, IMPACT Selling course workbook, practical sales tools and resources, and a Qstream mobile reinforcement tool.

Similar to Salesman.org, The Brooks Group offers a full refund—no questions asked—if you aren’t fully convinced after taking the sales training seminar.

#3 Inbound Sales by HubSpot

HubSpot needs no introduction when it comes to anything sales and marketing, so it’s no surprise that its Inbound Sales course is part of our best sales training program list.

We talk about how HubSpot is the best CRM for sales leaders and sales management but they do a great job with their online sales training programs too.

You can sign up for this course to understand how to identify and connect with new prospects, explore their needs and pain points, and advise them to take the deal forward. The whole course is primarily designed for sales reps and sales managers and includes five instructor-led lessons, 22 videos, and five quizzes—all spanning over two hours.

Here’s what the course curriculum comprises:

  • Lesson 1 covers the big picture of why you need an inbound sales strategy to succeed.
  • Lesson 2 covers critical techniques and best practices to identify active and passive buyers that are and aren’t worth your time.
  • Lesson 3 teaches you how to connect with buyers in various situations, and also includes best practices for creating successful outreach sequences.
  • Lesson 4 helps you understand the buyer’s context by teaching you how to use the CGP, TCI, and BA frameworks to structure your sales conversations and guide your prospects towards the best possible outcome.
  • Lesson 5 highlights best practices for creating personalized sales presentations that answer your prospect’s specific questions.

What’s more, if you’re looking for free sales training programs, you’ll be happy to know the Inbound Sales course is totally free.

#4 RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling by RAIN Group

The renowned RAIN group is a sales training company who has recently launched its sales training program, RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling that teaches sales reps the fundamentals of consultative selling to improve the quality of their sales conversations.

The entire sales training program is designed to teach you a proven process to “lead masterful sales conversations“ from start to finish. Expect to learn effective strategies and tactics, complete with critical selling skills to become a top performer at your organization.

RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling has over 70 portable, modular blocks that can be custom-designed according to your needs and preferences. The content, tools, and cohorts are tailored to your needs as well.

Here’s what the modules are designed to teach you:

  1. Learn: Learn key concepts before actual classroom sessions via microlearning, video, and exercises.
  2. Collaborate and Practice: Participate in highly interactive and collaborative virtual or in-person classroom sessions, focused on practice, application, and feedback.
  3. Refine: Implement feedback to refine skills and build your confidence between sessions, while being held accountable for on-the-job implementation.
  4. Reinforce and Apply: Apply new skills to live sales situations, as well as use microlearning and videos to drive post-session reinforcement.

Once the curriculum is over, coaching continues where you’re held accountable for applying the new skills and making new behavior permanent through RAIN’s Execution Assurance process.

To sign up for the RAIN Selling: Foundations of Consultative Selling course, you have to request a consultation. Heads up: customized training is usually expensive, which means you may have to shell out some extra money.

#5 Introduction To Sales by GoSkills

Introduction To Sales is yet another renowned sales training program offered by the business training company, GoSkills.

This online sales course teaches you the eight steps to “explode“ your sales, secure high-quality clients, and give your sales career a necessary boost. It helps you understand the best ways to sell your products or services to prospective customers and clients in a way that increases revenue, helps you meet your sales quotas, and boosts your credibility as a sales professional.

Introduction To Sales has 31 practical video tutorials led by award-winning instructors. The content is regularly updated to keep up with the latest trends and provides you access to unlimited tests and quizzes to apply your newly acquired knowledge.

Here’s what the syllabus includes:

  • Be an expert comprises three lessons that teach you about your industry, product, or service, and gives you a clear and concise description of
  • who you help, how, and why.
  • Master your psychology has six lessons designed to make you believe in your company, in yourself, and your attitude. In addition, you also learn useful hacks to reset your mind, change disempowering habits, and replace it with the best shortcut and strategies.
  • Get connected comprises three lessons that help you create, research, and reach out to your ideal client
  • Get personal has four lessons, each describing the different personality types you’ll be connecting with, namely the Captain, the Inspiration, the Status Quo, and the Analyst.
  • The Horatio Effect has four lessons that cover expansive questions and narrow questions related to your prospect, snd teaches you techniques to address what’s most important to them. You also discover how to gain leverage on each prospect you connect with.
  • The Presentation teaches you the ins and outs of effective presentation making that addresses your prospect’s needs and positions your product or service as the best possible solution, spanning over three lessons.
  • Solidify the relationship has three lessons that cover the importance of recapping with the prospect, moving forward towards your goal, and addressing anything that prevents a prospect from moving forward with you.
  • The Follow Up spans over five lessons that help you master the following-up cadence. Each lesson lays the steps way to effectively follow-up via phone and email.

While Introduction To Sales is a paid course, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial to determine whether it's the right fit for your skillset.

Want to learn more effective selling techniques? Browse through Salesman's free training content and set yourself up for selling success.

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