What Are The Duties Of Sales Executives? – #Salespresso

Professional salespeople have one goal and one goal only – smash sales targets. 

Not, being nice to customers, representing the brand, yada yada…

You’re getting paid great money to put your product in the hands of customers and to drive the revenue that supports everyone else in the business you work for.

Sales executive do however have a number of duties that they must perform if they’re truly going to smash their target year after year.



Robert Terson recently joined me on the Salesman Podcast (subscribe on iTunes) and shared his thoughts on what the job of a professional salesperson actually is –


Duty 1: Focus on the individual customer

Robert suggests that salespeople need to focus in on the individual customer.

Marketing and sales support teams can help, influence and drive awareness on the wider scale but only sales executives can really can get in, one-on-one and discover how to bring their customers…


Duty 2: Bring them massive value

If your customer is happy with with your products features and benefits then you haven’t just scored an easy sale. Quite the opposite.

If that’s all it takes to close a deal then you’re very likely going to be replaced by an online order form in the next 18 months.

It’s your duty as a salesperson to get to know the individual prospect and then PERSONALLY add value to their lives.

And we’re not talking about a quick phone call and some treats in the post at Christmas.

You need to truly…


Duty 3: Show how your product is going to astound them

The way a sales professional separates themselves from the part-timers is by ASTOUNDING their customers.

“Astound them to the point where they say, I have to have that! That’s the job of a professional salesperson” – Robert Terson

The sales executives that wins the biggest deals don’t compete on price, features, benefits or anything else out of their control. They compete on how astounded their prospects are with the value they personally are adding to their lives.

By personally adding stunning amounts of value to a prospect they’re simply left with no choice but to do business with you.


The Expert

Robert Terson has been a sales professional and entrepreneur his entire adult life.

He is the founder and CEO of Sellingfearlessly.com where his passionate purpose is to enlighten and inspire his audience by entertaining them with transfixing stories.

Learn more – Sellingfearlessly.com

For more expert sales training check out – SalesSchool.org


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