Is Everyone A Salesperson? – #Salespresso

Does everyone work in sales? Is everyone selling some idea, concept or belief?


But that doesn't make them a professional salesperson.



Does everybody work in sales?

Robert joined me on the Salesman Podcast to talk about selling fearlessly but also about sales in the wider context.

A screenwriter attempts to sell his story to production studios.

A political leader uses stories to sell her personality as someone you can trust.

A UFC fighter uses a stare down to sell their opponent that they're not scared.

Everyone sells. Not everyone does it professionally.


What makes someone a professional?

One of my favourite, ass kicking, motivating, punch to the stomach books is “Turning Pro” written by Steven Pressfield.

Steven sold me on the idea that a professional believes, deep in their hearts that –

  • They must show up every day – Not when they feel like it
  • They must improve their skills – Not just plod along hoping for the best
  • They must be in it for the long haul – Not just as an ‘in between job'
  • They must be patient – Knowing that real success takes time
  • They must not take success or failure personally – Your work is your work, it's not “you”
  • They must be recognised by other professionals – You are your reputation 

99% of people who work in the sales industry are gifted the title of salesperson, account manager, business developer or some other nonsense.

I'd say it's a safe bet that most of them fell into sales.

I'd bet my epic new podcast studio, I'd put my career as an award winning podcaster on the line to wager less than 1% of them are true professionals…


The Expert

Robert Terson has been a sales professional and entrepreneur his entire adult life.  He retired from his advertising company, after 38 years of being in business, in January 2010 to begin a second career as a writer and speaker.

Currently residing in Illinois, Robert is the founder and CEO of where his passionate purpose is to enlighten and inspire his audience by entertaining them with transfixing stories.

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