The Best 8 Sales Training Videos, Period

As a sales rep, you can never stop improving.

You can listen to sales podcasts, read best-selling sales books, and talk to your superiors. Tried and tested stuff.

Or you can use another medium to learn new skills and brush up on old sales strategies: sales training videos on YouTube.

The only problem?

There are tons of inspirational sales videos on the Internet that have salespeople selling or talking about sales.

To help you find the right ones, we took the time to look through YouTube and list the eight best sales training videos for beginners, that include the top sales training and tips.

The Science of Persuasion — Dr. Robert Cialdini & Steve Martin

You cannot become a successful sales rep without understanding the human decision-making process. It's why The Science of Persuasion just had to be on our list. The ability to influence others is a key part of the modern sales process.

The video describes the six universal principles of persuasion—reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus—that have been scientifically proven to make you your most effective.

See the video to understand these shortcuts or rules of thumb people generally take to guide their decision-making. You can then employ and leverage these factors to persuade your prospect to buy your product or service.

Each principle is supported with a real-life example and then explained in detail. So you understand how to use the shortcut in your selling activities.

These changes are minor, practical, and costless, but implementing them will make a big difference in your ability to influence your prospects ethically.

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Start With Why — Simon Sinek

You've probably heard about this video already—maybe seen it too. Either way, it remains a must-watch for all salespeople who want to completely transform their sales process. .

In the video, Simon Sinek discusses how most sales reps try to sell a product by answering the questions what ‘and ‘how.' Emphasis on try, meaning they aren't always successful.

He then strikes a parallel between the traditional sales reps and industry leaders. He uses Apple as an example and explains how the brand also gives users a ‘why'.

For instance, Apple doesn't just say: “We sell this product, and here's how they work and what they do… “. Instead, they establish themselves as an innovative brand that's continuously breaking the status quo.

The takeaway here is to change your strategy when selling to people who you think need your product. Hunt them down, and start with why.

Want more? Tune in to TEDx Talks to listen to superachievers share their experiences and what it took them to get where they are.

Stop Closing and Start Providing Value, or Lose to Price — Jeffery Gitomer

This sales training video is straight from the self-proclaimed “King of Sales, “Jeffery Gitomer.

Jeff is one of the world's top sales coaches and bestselling authors. His YouTube channel is a goldmine for simple, insightful, and direct sales advice. While there are many insightful videos, you should start your sales training with Stop Closing and Start Providing Value, or Lose to Price.

In this video, Jeffrey explains why you need to sell on value and not on price.

His approach is straightforward: Customers perceive value, or they don't. If they do, you won't have to worry about closing because the customers will themselves ask you how much your product or service costs. Which will take you a step closer to making the sale.

On the other hand, pushing costs may create short-term gains, but you'll find yourself tackling longer-term problems.

Want more? Check out Jeffery Gitomer's Sales Training Channel to take your selling game to the next level. He has a bunch of excellent sales training videos up there.

5 Step Killer Sales Presentation Structure — Sales School

5 Step Killer Sales Presentation Structure teaches you how to create a sales presentation structure that will move the prospect down the funnel.

Sales is communication.'s founder Will Barron begins this incredible sales training video with this one simple message.

He explains that to land a sale, you have to communicate to the buyer how the value of your product tips off the expenses of doing business with you. This is precisely what even Jeffrey preaches in the above video. Great minds think alike, after all.

But how do you push value when making a sales presentation?

Most salespeople pitch products by stating facts and product benefits and then move on to explain the next steps. But sales reps forget that before all that, they have to get the prospect on their side and focus attention on their product.

Will presents a five-step process in the video, something he calls the presentation formula, that can make the prospect see the value of your product more effectively.

Bonus: Watch 4 Tips to Create Urgency in Sales / Powerful Sales Techniques if you want to learn how to create a sense of urgency. It'll come in handy when you feel your sales cycle is dragging on or there's no response from prospects.

Want more? Subscribe to the YouTube channel to learn practical selling insights and strategies and crush your monthly quotas. It's one of the worlds top resources for sales training videos.

How To Quit Cold Calling and Smart Call Instead — Art Sobczak

Uploaded in 2010, this sales training video from Art Sobczak is old but solid gold!

Most people consider cold calling as their holy grail. While they may not like it (really, who does?), they can't seem to think of a sales strategy that doesn't involve cold calling.

Art Sobczak, founder and CEO of Business by Phone and the author of Smart Calling, doesn't share this sentiment. According to him, cold calling isn't just dying—it's always been dead.

Art's alternative to calling? Smart calling.

In his interview, Art explains the smart calling process. You should collect intelligence about prospects before jumping on calls. Then use that information to grab the prospect's attention within the first ten seconds of your conversation.

Not only will this strategy improve the quality of your conversation, but it'll also increase your win rate.

Art also shares some thorough examples to apply on your next sales call in the video.

Want more? Although video uploads are infrequent, you should check out Art Sobczak's YouTube periodically for some evergreen sales advice.

Stunningly Unused Sales Technique — Jill Konrath

Renowned for her ‘Always be learning ‘approach, Jill Konrath is famous for her progressive strategies for advanced prospecting, social selling, sales psychology, sales productivity, among others. She is one of the few women leading from the frontline in the world of sales.

While there are tons of exceptional sales training video courses on her YouTube, Stunningly Unused Sales Technique is our favorite.

The video drives home the importance of silence when selling. It teaches you how to behave after you're done questioning the prospects. Answer: get comfortable with silence.

Jill's advice is always backed by human behavior and psychology research—just like the video. Instead of bombarding your prospects with questions, sit back and stay quiet. Let the prospect take their time and answer your questions.

You'll end up getting valuable insights into their business, priorities, challenges, and decision-making process.

Want more? Head over to Jill Konrath on YouTube to get your dose of effective and practical sales strategies to generate and close more leads.

Clients Say, “I'll Get Back to You. “And You Say, “…” — Dan Lok

“Thank you. I'll get back to you.”

As a sales rep, you'll be hearing this one-liner a lot. But the question arises how do you tackle it to close the deal? Dan Lok has you covered.

First and foremost, be prepared for objections. They are inevitable in the world of sales. Then apply Dan's simple solutions to potentially flip the situation around—maybe even get an immediate deal.

Dan's primary advice is to take a direct approach. Instead of saying: “Sure, should I follow up with you next week? “use impactful and direct statements like “What part of the deal don't you like? ”

This simple change in words will give you a sense of direction and understand what you need to do to make the sale.

Want more? With over 3.5 million subscribers, you know Dan Lok's advice is worth listening to. Subscribe to his YouTube channel and become a more confident sales professional.

7 Killer Sales Techniques Backed by Science & Data — Marc Wayshak

Marc Wayshak is a passionate sales strategist who cares about helping upcoming sales reps score more meetings, close more sales, and doing it all at higher prices. But what makes his advice stand out is his data-driven approach to selling.

Marc launched his YouTube channel Sales Insights Lab to help sales professionals like you. He regularly uploads high-quality videos offering sales tips and advice. Wayshak also put together the scientific method Game Plan Selling System that uses both qualitative and quantitative research to drive sales.

Our favorite sales training video from his YouTube is 7 Killer Sales Techniques Backed by Science & Data. Watch it to improve your sales strategy using the power of numbers.

Marc outlines seven sales techniques in the video that start from understanding the challenges faced by the prospect to challenging your fears. Since these steps are backed by science and data, they will make you more confident when approaching prospects.

Want more? Visit Marc Wayshak's YouTube channel to get access to modern, fresh ideas to increase sales dramatically.

Get, Set, Sales

Sales is a dynamic industry. It's always moving—evolving. If you want to stay ahead in the game, you have to take a similar approach and continually watch and consume content that keeps you motivated to win more business.

Start your journey and watch all our recommended videos. Better yet, subscribe to them for your daily dose of sales inspiration.

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