Texting B2B Buyers? Gong.io Analysing Video Calls? – TWIS

On This Week In Sales we’ll be looking at:

  • Why Gong.io isn’t content at just analysing your phone calls, they want to analyse your video calls as well.
  • How 5G technology is going to change B2B sales.
  • And why you might want to start texting your buyers if you want to close more deals.

This Week In Sales hosts:


Sales Calls Have Gone Virtual, and AI Is Listening In

Gong.io Cofounder and CEO Amit Bendov says the company plans to invest in research on analyzing video interactions.


Gong Teams with Tech Titans to Power New Era of Remote Selling

Sales tech startups need to partner with other big companies to face off against Salesforce.


Technology: New phones will have 5G capability.

Apple pulls plug on charger and headphones with iPhones in bid to cut carbon emissions.


A Sales Enablement Conundrum: Who’s Coaching the Coach?

Ken Powell, who ran Worldwide Sales Enablement & Learning at ADP, said he often felt the budgeting of sales training should be reversed.


Sales: Text Messaging Open Rates

Texting buyers, prospects, and customers is now common practice for many sales and customer success reps, and for good reason: texting has nearly a 100% open rate, compared to email with only a 22% average open rate. In addition, most texts receive a response within 5 minutes.


Microsoft is allowing more of its employees to work from home permanently, the company announced Friday.

While the vast majority of Microsoft employees are still working from home during the ongoing pandemic, the software maker has unveiled “hybrid workplace” guidance internally to allow for far greater flexibility once US offices eventually reopen.


Salesforce: The software company is extending its work from home policy to July 31, 2021.

Salesforce is giving each employee another $250 to purchase office supplies for their homes. Parents will have the option to take six extra weeks of paid time off.


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