When Do People Buy? The Science is CRAZY

Old school salespeople think that the decision to buy is a complex process.

It’s not…

They believe that you need to use weird language patterns and closing techniques to manipulate the buyer to win new business.

However as Susan Weinschenk Ph.D. points out in this video, the science suggests that decision making is so elegantly simple that it’s almost hard to believe that this is the way it works.

Your brain is made up of billions of neurons. Tiny interconnected electrical links that allow you to form memories and process information.

FACT: There are more connections between neurons in one humans brain than there are stars in the known universe.

When you make a decision, that moment that you have crystal clear clarity, there isn’t a flurry of activity. 

When we put people into fMRI machines that measure blood flow in the brain and the cogs ticking away, there isn’t crazy results on the computer screens. 

There is activity in just one neuron. JUST ONE!

When you’re selling a customer on the value you add, the product you represent, remember that you’re just one neuron away from closing the deal.

And what makes that neuron fire? That’s the most interesting part…

It only fires, a decision is only made once somebody feels they are “confident”.

Not that they logically should move forward as the deal is going to save them time or money.

Are you selling feelings or logic when you’re talking to potential customers?

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