How To Create An Online Sales Demo that Closes With Julie Hansen

Julie Hansen joins Will Barron on the Salesman Podcast to discuss how to put together the perfect online sales demo that closes deals whilst hooking the audience.









How To Create A Sales Presentation

The show is kicked off with Julie explaining that it’s likely we’re going to see a further shift to online product demo’s as video and even VR technology allows them to become more effective.

“If you can get live then that is always the preferred method of contact” – Julie Hansen 

Julie then shares her thoughts on the fact that a large percentage of salespeople who are currently doing online demonstrations are not using webcams. Will is clearly shocked by this and Julie and him dissect this further.

“I think we’re very hyper-aware of how we look and we put too much on that.” – Julie Hansen 

The show is wrapped up with Julie diving into the structure of the perfect presentation and how to keep our audiences attention from start to finish.




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Guest info:

Combining an award-winning sales career with her passion and experience as a professional sales presentation coach and actor, Julie Hansen specializes in helping sales teams craft and deliver winning presentations and demos by applying today’s best practices from business, acting, improv, and storytelling.

Julie is the author of two books, Sales Presentations for Dummies (Finalist for Top Sales and Marketing Book of 2015) and ACT Like a Sales Pro!  and her articles have been featured in numerous business publications, including Selling Power, Sales Mastery, Entrepreneur Magazine and Sales Management Digest.



Show notes:

Julie’s previous episode – How To Give An Entertaining Sales Presentation With Julie Hansen


Act Like A Sales Pro: How to Command the Business Stage and Dramatically Increase Your Sales with Proven Acting Techniques



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