How To Give An Entertaining Sales Presentation With Julie Hansen





Julie Hansen joins me on the Salesman Podcast to discuss sales why most sales presentations suck and what we can do to make them useful again.


How have sales presentations changed?

We start the show by looking at how sales presentations have changed over the past 5 years and if they’ve kept up with the rapid changes in how prospects evaluate and purchase products.

“Audiences are looking for authenticity and that connection they’re not looking to be preached at”

Then Steli explains how he has improved his sales skill over time by being working on self development and by recording himself to see what needs changing.


Small attention spans

Next we move onto creating sales presentations for modern audiences with small attention spans who have all kinds of bleeps and buzzes going off which are fighting for their attention.

Julie then explains a few concepts that she learnt from her acting career and how they can be used to grab the prospect’s attention and keep it during your presentation.


Why sales people need to ACT

We wrap up the show by discussing why salespeople need to be able to act to steal the show in sales presentations.

This includes using props, telling stories and I really think this is where Julie’s work and book really shine.

Guest info:

Julie Hansen wrote the book on gaining a critical edge in sales presentations, demonstrations and other key customer interactions by applying the power of acting and the performing arts. ACT Like a Sales Pro! published by CareerPress, was the result of an award-winning sales career and her passion and experience as a professional actor.

Despite attending numerous sales training programs it was an acting class that had the greatest impact on Julie’s sales career. To her surprise, applying the same methods she learned to win roles on film and stage to the sales model helped her to earn the attention of busy decision-makers, differentiate her solution and win business from Fortune 500 companies.

Prior to launching Performance Sales and Training, Julie was a sales leader in a variety of competitive industries, including technology, media and real estate and served as Director of Sales for The National Enquirer and Star Magazine.

Julie has delivered performance sales workshops in seven countries including the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Australia to thousands of sales professionals at respected organizations that include IBM, Oracle, SAP and Coldwell Banker.


Show notes:


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Books mentioned:

Act Like A Sales Pro: How to Command the Business Stage and Dramatically Increase Your Sales with Proven Acting Techniques


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