How To Add Value When Social Selling (And Not Just Spam Likes)

Social selling expert Jack Kosakowski recently joined me on the podcast and turned my views of “social selling” on their head.

What I thought I knew was complete bullshit.

Here's the problem with social selling. I don't think there's just one way to add value” – Jack Kosakowski

Sharing, commenting, liking – They take 4 seconds to do and give 4 seconds of value.

If that makes up your complete social selling strategy then you're done for. The new bread of internet salespeople are going to drag your customers away from right under your nose.


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Tag, Share.. Meh

I'm currently in the middle of a social selling experiment to sell a Q3 sponsorship placement for the Salesman Podcast. I'm recording each step of the way so we can put together a real life ups and downs of sales video once the deal is closed.

The issue is, even after multiple interviews with social selling experts I still had no practical idea of what I should be doing.

If the obvious stuff like sharing my prospects content and engaging with them on Twitter wasn't really having much impact then what was the point in doing it?

What is your job in sales? Your job is to get to know your dang buyers. Right?!” – Jack Kosakowski

In this video clip from Jack's interview he put it all into perspective for me. Sales hasn't changed, it's just the platforms we're using to communicate which have evolved.



Going Above And Beyond

Every single sales hustler reading this knows instinctively that making an introduction for example that leads to your prospect closing a deal is way more valuable than a quick share of their latest blog ramblings.

“We forget about the easiest way to really generate business – get other people connected and be the reason THEY got a deal” – Jack Kosakowski

For my social selling experiment this is the biggest break through yet. I'm going to stop promoting the content being produced by the ‘marketing directors' I'm prospecting, I'm going to introduce them to other bloggers and podcasters who will instantly increase their reach.

We’ve already got one of the most viewed sales blogs on the planet but I can add even more value to the marketers I want to work with though a few emails than than hundreds of likes.

“I'm always looking to use my social network to introduce buyers with buyers and connect the dots” – Jack Kosakowski

Moving forward I’m doing nothing but getting to know my buyers and then connecting the dots.


Have Your Say

We're experimenting with social media to see if it lives up to the hype. Do you use it to close deals?

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