The OBVIOUS Secret to Closing BIGGER Deals

Want to know what separates your everyday sales rep from the high-earning pros? Focus. And not focus of mind. But focus of strategy. The real pros know smashing through quotas is all about working key accounts—clients with exceptional revenue potential. So, how do you identify and work key accounts so you can start bringing in […]

Discount Request? 4 Simple Phrases to Turn It Around in Seconds

How often have you heard this – “Look, we really love your product, but it’s outside of our price range. Can you offer any discount?” Offering discounts can be a great way to speed up a slow-moving deal. But if you’re adjusting price before negotiations begin, you’re doing a serious disservice, both to yourself and […]

Are You A Pushover? – 6 Steps To Sales Assertiveness

Let me ask you, how many times have you had to bite your tongue with buyers? Or let them strongarm you, maybe into an unreasonable meeting time or even a discount? And worst of all, you feel like you have to do it if you want to win their business? Well guess what? That’s complete […]

5 Most Powerful Sales Questions To Ask Without Sounding Salesy

A successful sales rep is a curious sales rep. And when you ask potential buyers the right questions during discovery, you’ll get some powerful takeaways to better qualify leads, drive enthusiasm, and boost your chances of closing. In today’s post, I’m breaking down five of the most powerful sales questions to ask potential buyers. And […]

B2B Sales Is A Numbers Game – And Here’s How to Win

It is common for sales managers to say that sales is a numbers game. If this is what you have been told you may be wondering what this statement means. The simple explanation of what this statement means is that more activity leads to more sales. But this still leaves you with questions like: What […]

This Cold Email Subject Line Is A CHEAT CODE

Cold email is one of the best tools in your sales rep toolbox. But there’s just one problem—if your emails aren’t getting opened in the first place, then all of your efforts (the clever copy, the personalization, the research) will all be for nothing. THAT’S the importance of a great subject line So, what’s the […]

4 Secrets to Driving Urgency in Sales

One of the absolute best ways to scale your sales earnings is by speeding up your sales cycle. You know this. But how often do you still get hit with “maybes” and “I’ll think about its” when you’re trying to close? The problem—they don’t feel the urgency. And sorry to say, that’s on you. Here’s […]

The Book That Changed How EVERYONE Sells

Believe it or not, there wasn’t a whole lot of data out there on sales techniques in the past. A lot of the industry was based on “feel”, “intuition”, and “charisma”. That is until one revolutionary book came along and turned the business of selling on its head in 1988. And the research-driven techniques this […]

Using GAP SELLING To Make Objections And Closing OBSOLETE

Keenan is the CEO and President of a sales consulting firm, A Sales Guy Inc., and was named one of the top 30 social sellers in the world by Forbes. In this episode of The Salesman Podcast, Keenan is explaining what “GAP Selling” is and why relationships, objections, and closing in sales are dead. Resources: […]

How To Use Deal Management To Win More Business, In Less Time

As a sales professional, you’ll often find yourself working on more than one deal at once. You’ll hold conversations with different people with different needs and viewpoints. You want to close each of these effectively to ensure you keep smashing your sales quotas. Staying on top of all this can leave you overwhelmed, confused, and […]

A Rough Quarter Ahead for Salespeople (How To Actually Set More Meetings)

Do you feel that? You can practically smell it in the air. *Sniff* *sniff*—a recession is coming. Are YOU prepared? If you want to come out of this economic dip intact, you need to start preparing. Like NOW. And one of the best ways to do that is by setting MORE meetings and begin the […]

How To Steal Your Competitors Business And Eat Their Lunch

Anthony Iannarino is an international speaker, author, and experienced sales leader. In this episode of The Salesman Podcast, Anthony shares how we can take business from our competitors and essentially “eat their lunch”. Resources: Book: Eat Their Lunch: Winning Customers Away from Your Competition @Iannarino Book: The Lost Art of Closing: Winning the Ten […]

How To Destroy The Most Common Sales Objections

Here’s an eye-opener for ya—92% of sales reps quit after hearing “no” four times. But it turns out 80% of prospects say “no” four times before saying “yes”! The lesson here? Sales objections happen. But success boils down to how you respond to them. That’s why in this video we’re covering how to respond to […]

The Book That Made Me Proud to Work in Sales

Look, “selling” gets a bad rap these days. But after reading this monumental book, I realized that EVERYONE sells, especially in the modern workplace. To sell is to be human. And when you do it with the right approach, it’ll make you proud to be in sales, just like I am. Today we’re talking about […]

What To Do When A Prospect Sales “No!”

Tom Hopkins is a sales training legend. Since 1976, Tom Hopkins International has been dedicated to providing the finest sales training strategies and techniques to individuals and companies alike. On this episode of The Salesman Podcast Tom shares 4 ways you can deal with a potential customer saying “no” to your sales pitch. Resources: […]

Storytelling in Business—Drive More Engagement With Prospects

The everyday sales pitch is boring. Running through features, hitting on target metrics, going through product slide after product slide after produ… Truth be told, the everyday sales pitch sucks. And your buyers think so too. But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can deliver a powerful, effective message while driving engagement, stirring […]

B2B Buyer’s Journey: A Comprehensive Guide For Sellers

Times have changed for B2B salespeople. Not too long ago, buyers used to do light research on a solution before reaching out to a sales rep for more detailed information. These interactions helped educate buyers about the product. But they also gave salespeople all the power when it came to controlling the buyer’s journey. These […]

How To Create a Winning 30-60-90 Day Sales Plan (+ Sales Plan Template)

You’ve got a job interview for your dream sales job. You have the experience and a track record of success. The only thing between you and your offer letter is your (hopefully) future sales manager. Impress them with your exceptional selling skills and expertise, and you’ve got the job. But the question is: how? This […]

Do Sales People REALLY Need ALL That SOFTWARE?!

Chris Smith is a sales and marketing expert, USA Today bestselling author and co-founder of Curaytor. On this episode of the Salesman Podcast Chris shares how software and what tools modern, internet based B2B sales professionals really need to close business in their marketplaces. Resources: Book: Chris on Linkedin @Chris_Smth Book: The Conversion Code: […]

Close Sales Faster By Understanding Your Buyer’s Journey

Most people think the best sales reps are selfish, that they only think about closing a deal from THEIR side, not the buyer’s. They’re focused on the sales funnel, not the buying process. But it turns out the most successful reps put 90% of their energy into understanding WHY buyers make a purchase. They focus […]