5 Strategies to Increase Sales in 2024

In this video we cover 5 strategies to increase sales no matter what you sell or the industry you sell within.

Strategy number one is to make your value proposition more specific.

1: Specific Value Proposition

The more specific your value proposition is, to the needs of your specific buyer the more meetings you’ll book from your prospecting and the higher your closing percentage rate will be.

Most sellers try and aim for a broad value proposition during their cold outreach thinking that if they cast a wider net, they’ll hook more prospects onto a call.

This isn’t how it works in reality.

Imagine you need to get rid of a body. I won’t question why you have a body that you need to get rid of… but it needs to be gone ASAP.

Lets say you get an email that offers to get rid of whatever waste you have in your home. Well that is somewhat compelling. But if you were to get an cold email that shares a new way of getting rid of a body, when they need to be disposed of FAST, then obviously that’s the one you’re going to reply to.

You have to be bold with your value propositions when engaging with potential customers.

You have to avoid playing in the zone of indifference. Push the fact that you can improve or solve a specific problem to get out of this zone of indifference in the middle that most sellers play within.

Next up, I want you to stop talking about features and benefits.

2: Features, Benefits, Desires

Stop talking about the features and benefits of your product. Literally, nobody gives a shit.

Your widget or software has this button? Comes in this colour? Does this thing?

Nobody cares.

Instead, focus on the buyers desires.

Think of the buyer's desires being at the very core of their decision making process.

Let me give you an example:

  • Feature – com Academy has step-by-step training videos.
  • Benefit – The training videos will help you better implement our frameworks.
  • Desire – We will remove the stress and overwhelm from executing an effective sales process and achieving your financial goals.

This third layer of value that we call desire should be the focus of 90% of your communication to the buyer. This only shifts towards the end of the sales process when we might communicate more of the practical features of the product as the prospect justifies their emotional purchase decision with logic.

Next let's take a look at how we can put the right desires in front of more of the right prospects.

3: Refine Your ICP

If you are booking meetings, then you should constantly be refining your ICP or Ideal Customer Persona.

B2B sales becomes way easier when you put the right message, in front of the right person, at the right time.

Once you’re booking a steady stream of meetings from your cold prospecting each week, it’s time to sit down and refine your ICP.

Look at all the people who booked a meeting with you and see what they have in common. It could be:

  • Job titles
  • Industries
  • Locations
  • Company size
  • Specific goals
  • Target pain points
  • Current solution
  • Buying process
  • Technologies leveraged

Your goal becomes simple: Find more of the people who buy big and buy quickly.

Stop wasting time with the wrong prospects. Start spending more time with the people that actually want to work with you.

Once you have a better idea of your ICP it’s time to start building a step-by-step sales cadence.

4: Step-by-Step Sales Cadence

Most salespeople live in what I call the roller coaster of sales. That is, some weeks they prospect, other weeks they don’t. Some days they cold call, other days they chase their tails with another random task.

That leads to an up and down, boom and bust cycle of results and failure.

This is stressful for both you and your sales manager. Your sales manager wants to work with sellers who are foracastable. They value reliability in their sales planning almost as much as they do new revenue generation.

That is what you need to implement a step-by-step sales cadence.

You remove so much of the stress from the sales process and you’ll get your sales manager off your back if you can show them that when you put 100 prospects into your sales cadence, you book X number of meetings out of the other end of it.

Having a proven, systematic prospecting system means that if you’re ever slightly behind on your numbers you can add a few more prospects at the top of the funnel. Heck, if you’re ever miles ahead of your numbers but you’re feeling close to burning out, then you can titrate these numbers down too.

This allows you to work within your “stretch zone”.

Working within your stretch zone feels good. You’re pushing yourself but it’s still fun. You feel challenged but not overwhelmed.

Your stretch zone is where you’ll earn the most commissions, for the longest, most sustainable amount of time.

And that leads us into the final and maybe most important sales strategy in this video, to micro-close more often.

5: Micro-Closing

Micro-closing is when we confirm where we are within the buying process with the prospect throughout each of our conversations with them.

It might sound like, “OK, sounds like we’re a good fit, if I can solve X, would you commit to Y?” during a discovery call with a potential customer.

Or even just asking “Does that make sense?” regularly during a sales demo.

The most important thing is that you’re consistently micro-closing throughout every, single interaction with your prospects. This is because your buyers are human and humans are easily distracted.

Micro-closing narrows the focus of a conversation. It can be used to pull a buyer back on track if they’re unsure what the next steps of the buying process is.

Additionally, mico-closing keeps you informed as to if you are on the right track too.

Lots of sellers don’t micro-close until the very end of a call or even worse until the end of the entire sales process. They then get hit with an abrupt objection or paniced rejection from the prospect.

Micro-closing as you go throughout your conversations with the buyer allow them to tell you if you're helping them move along their buying journey.

If not, you can ask them “OK, no worries, what do we need to do to move forward?” and if you have enough trust with the prospect, they will coach you on how to close them.

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