6 Podcasts Salesmen Would Be CRAZY To Miss

I can’t remember who said it but it might be the most important piece of sales advice that I’ve ever been given. This one piece of advice has almost single handedly put me in the position I’m in today and has made me thousands of pounds over the past 5 years.

It went something like, “As a salesman you spend a lot of time in your car. Over your career you probably spend more time in your car than you did at University. Turn that time into a resource by learning as you travel rather than wasting it by daydreaming or listening to music”. 


Turn your car into a sales university

I started spending hundreds of pounds a month on audio books and sales training courses and within a few weeks I’d taken in more expert advice than had ever been given to me by any company through their sales training programs (which are generally BS anyway).

However there was some issues with this. Books go out of date quickly, audio books have the same problem. and audio sales training packages cost too much.

Podcasts are the answer. They’re fresh and they’re free so if you’re not listening to podcasts on the commute to and from your sales job each day you are one crazy son of a bitch!


I’m sold! But how do I listen to podcasts on my iPhone?!

Subscribing and listening to podcasts could not be easier. Just follow these simple steps –


[thst_one_half]1) Find the ‘Podcast’ app that is installed on your iPhone and click on it.


[/thst_one_half] [thst_one_half_last]2) Click the ‘Search’ button. Search using the search box at the top of the page then click on the podcast icon.

IMG_0022 [/thst_one_half_last]

[thst_one_half]3) Click the ‘Subscribe’ button. The latest episodes will then automatically be downloaded to your phone when they’re released. 


[/thst_one_half] [thst_one_half_last]4) To listen in the future, just fire up the ‘Podcast’ app and click the podcast you would like to listen to. They’ll all be there waiting. 


THE best podcasts for salespeople in 2015

Now lets get down to business, these are the podcasts I listen to everyday. I’ve experimented with hundreds of them but these are the chosen few that I keep coming back too.


1) The Advanced Selling Podcast

the advanced selling podcast

The Advanced Selling Podcast is hosted by Bill Caskey and Bryan Neale and is short, enertraining and informative on all things selling. They regularly cover sales skills, mindset and dealing with Prospective customers.

Click here to:  View in iTunes | Visit website  


2) Salesman Podcast


Will Barron interviews the worlds leading sales, body language and influence experts to bring you the worlds best sales podcast. After a few episodes with Will you feel like you really know him.

I actually applied to be a staff writer at Salesman.Red after listening to his show because I knew he was going somewhere with this project.

Click here to:  View in iTunes | Visit website  


3) The Sales Blog

‎Anthony Iannarino

‎Anthony Iannarino is the host of the TheSalesBlog.com podcast where he interviews leading sales experts in a relaxed and informative way that only Anthony can do.

He was also an epic guest on the Salesman Podcast a few weeks ago.

Click here to:  View in iTunes | Visit website


4) RainToday

podcasts for salesmen

The RainToday podcast produced by the RAIN group has been running since 2009 and is full of tips and techniques to help you unleash your sales potential. It’s pretty formal and corporate but does include a tonne of sales knowledge each week.

Click here to:  View in iTunes | Visit website


6) The Sales Evangelist Podcast

the sales evangelist podcast

The sales evangelist podcast is hosted by Donald Kelly where he covers both sales and personal development (both of which need to be worked on to improve business performance). Donald is 150+ episodes in and is crushing it week in week out.

Click here to:  View in iTunes | Visit website  


And there we have it, the top 6 podcasts that every sales person should be listening to. Do you have any other favourites? Any others that should be on this list? Then drop a comment below and share them with us.


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