How To Become A Sales Hustler (And Crush It In Life) With Anthony Iannarino





Anthony Iannarino joins me on the Salesman Podcast to discuss the benefits of being a sales hustler and what that really means.


Definition of a hustler?

We start by looking at and defining what we both mean by a ‘hustler'. For us millennials it's someone who is willing to go above and beyond anyone else and not just work smarter but just outwork the competition in general.

“Hustlers have big plans, big goals and they're taking initiative. They live in this world I continuously refer to as the disruptive age. “

For the generations above it it potentially cunjours images of shady doings, get rich quick and manipulation but that's not what we're here to talk about.


Why do you need to become a sales hustler?

Anthony explains why being proactive and a sales hustler will be the only way to survive in sales in the not too distant future. If you're not chasing down business and you're just taking orders then you can be replaced by an online order form (and have no doubts, you will be).

“You're not going to have security in your job, you're not going to have security paid for by the government. You're going to get old and you're going to have to take care of yourself. You've got to go out and hustle and make you're own way.”

We then look at the importance of sales people developing themselves rather than just their sales skills. Having clear goals and a pathway of how and WHY you want to get there is just as important as knowing how to communicate over an email.


Being a value creator

We break down the industrial age idea that you're supposed to get a job, make a reasonable living and then retire. This is not longer the case (was it ever really the best way to live?) and it's the people that go out there and make things happen that get rewarded.

“Most human beings walk around with way too small a vision of themselves. They don't believe in their hearts that they're not imposters.” 

We wrap up the show by discussing how you put yourself in a position to become a value creator by potentially changing up the people you hang around with, by reducing the amount of garbage TV and media you view and finally by pushing your ideas outwards.


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Guest info:

Anthony Iannarino is a speaker, author and the founder of B2B Sales Coach & consultancy, Iannarino Training and Iannarino University.

He has an excellent blog over at and has been fe atured in Success Magazine, Forbes, thinksales and Selling Power Magazine.


Show notes:

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Anthony's ‘Hustler Playbook'


Books mentioned:

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change


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