Why Your Sales Meetings Suck (And How To Make Them Useful) With Alice Kemper





Alice Kemper joins me on the Salesman Podcast to discuss why most sales meetings suck and what we can do to improve them.


My experience of sales meetings

We start the show by discussing my previous experience of ‘sales meetings’. They basically only happened when I’d done something wrong or when the sales manager had messed something up themselves. They weren’t regular, consistent or giving any value to my work life.

“When you look at all the professions, lawyers, doctors or accountants, there is always a continuous education that is required of them. Yet salespeople, where there are more of them than in any other profession have what I call a sink or swim routine.”

Alice makes a great point in that although sales professionals are probably the biggest group of professionals on the planet, there is no formal training/qualification/on going training that they must go through. It’s usually a case of giving them a phone and seeing how they do.


Who’s responsibility is sales training?

Next we move onto sales training (an important part of sales meetings) and I ask Alice who’s responsible for making sure it happens. Is it the salesperson as they’ll likely make more money from being better trained? Is it the sales manager as they need to hit targets too? Or is the the company or industry as a whole as the effects of one salesperson can have a dramatic effect on an industry.


Your personal achievement drive

We wrap up the show by diving into why belief systems, goals and personal drive must be included and structured into sales meetings if sales management want to have a real impact on the lives (and commission checks) of their workforce.


alice kemper


Guest info:

Alice Kemper is a consultant, trainer, speaker and author. Her consulting and training firm has attracted clients such as Integra, Group M, Stryker, Cox Newspapers, Morris Communications, Seitlen Insurance, Cattleman’s Choice Loomix, LLC and over 400 other leading organizations. She has won national recognition from the Association of Professional Sales Women and Integrity Systems and Sales Pro Insider.

Alice founded Sales Training Consultants in 1983. She combined her teaching, American Greetings and Harte-Hanks sales and sales management experience to design and facilitate top-notch training for bottom-line results.


Show notes:


30MinuteSalesMeetings.com – Great place to start if you’re looking to turbo-charge your sales management.


Books mentioned:

Conversations That Sell: Collaborate with Buyers and Make Every Conversation Count

First, Break All The Rules

Coaching for Improved Work Performance, Revised Edition


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