Why YOU The Salesman Must Come First With Claude Diamond





Claude Diamond joins me on the Salesman Podcast to discuss the power of stories in the world of sales and if sales people use them enough to close deals.


Being Positive

I start the show by asking Claude if he’s naturally grinning, full of energy and raring to close deals all the time or if that is a state he has to get himself into before he picks up the phone.

We then move onto sales and passion. Should you only take sales jobs where you know you’re going to be passionate about the product or should that passion come within you is what we try and answer.


Taking Control Of The Conversation

We spend the second half of the show looking at why it’s important to take control of the conversation as a salesman and how to go about doing just that.

Claude explains why YOU the salesman must come first and protect both your ego and your wallet if you want to me super successful in the world of business.


Guest info:

Claude “The Mentor” Diamond J.D. is just like many kids who grew up in New York City. He attended P.S. 152, played stickball on the streets using the sewer covers as first base and home plate (don’t ask what was used off the street for 2nd and 3rd base, just let your imagination go)! Yes, Claude is just like you with one notable exception; he is a self made Millionaire. He has created many successful home business concepts from scratch and has excelled in areas such as Creative Real Estate Investing, Sales System Training, Contemporary Marketing, Consulting, Coaching and of course, Mentoring. He is also a nationally recognized keynote speaker and writer.

His company, The Diamond Consulting Group, has produced what many consider to be the finest cassettes and videos ever produced in the area of human potential, self improvement, goal setting, consulting, wealth creation, motivation and sales.

Claude is also the writer and publisher, along with his wife, the lovely CJ of the award winning newsletters Success Stories© and The Lease Purchase Times© which are offered free to anyone in possession of this book.




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Show notes:

Claude’s excellent YouTube channel




Books mentioned: 

The Mentor teaches The GUT’s Sales Training Method

The Mentor : A Story of Success

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition

Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships

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