Why Stories Are Powerful Sales Tools (And The Importance Of Discipline) With Prof Craig Wortmann





Prof Craig Wortmann joins me on the Salesman Podcast to discus the power of stories in the world of sales and if sales people use them enough to close deals.



Craig explains that stories are a useful tool for sales people as they give us the ability to add context to our pitches and ideas. I then ask how we go about building a collection of suitable stories to be added to our sales conversations.

“Our job as salespeople is to add context… not content”

We look at why the stories need to be bespoke to the audience and how this will make them resonate better and be a more powerful tool.


Corporate stories VS personal ones


Next we make a distinction between the stories that your sales director gives you and expects you to tell as part of a formal sales pitch (burghhh) and those personal anecdotes you collect over time about yourself and those who already use your product or service.

Obviously your more personal stories are going to be more powerful because they pull on a whole host of psychology when you share them with a prospect.


Being bold

Finally we wrap up the show by looking discussing the fact that if you're just regurgitating the stories, facts and figures that your marketing department has given you, then you're not adding any value to the conversation. In fact you're probably not even needed for the transaction to happen.

Be bold and share you stories with prospects because your experience and the experiences of those around you are something non of your competitor will have.


Guest info:

Craig Wortmann is a three-time CEO, Clinical Professor and author.

As Founder and CEO of Sales Engine Inc., Craig and his team help firms build and tune their sales engine. Craig’s firm works with teams all over the world to develop their knowledge, skill and discipline and to translate those key assets into higher performance.




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Show notes:

Chicago Booth Profile



Books mentioned: 

What's Your Story?: Using Stories to Ignite Performance and Be More Successful

To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Persuading, Convincing, and Influencing Others


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