Why MOST Sales Training Sucks (And What To Do About it) With Ali Mirza

Ali Mirza joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss why a multi-billion dollar a year sales training/consulting industry are still teaching things that barely worked in 2004.









Why Most Sales Training Doesn't Work

The show is kicked off with Ali explaining why 99% of salespeople groan when their sales manager mentions sales training but then jump at the change to download training resource such as the Salesman Podcast in their own (very valuable) time.

“Anytime we as human beings are forced to do something, we instantly don't want to do it.” – Ali Mirza

Ali then dives into why hard work is what moves the needle for most sales professionals rather than tools, software, natural skill or even the product to a certain degree.

“If you're an interesting person, you're an interesting person. That's going to translate to all other aspects of your life, not just sales.” Ali Mirza

The show is wrapped up with Ali and Will looking into how important it is to be competitive in sales. It's the one thing that you can always rely on to drive you to close more deals and it's something that never fades away if it's well managed.



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Guest info:

Ali is an accomplished Sales Master and Trainer! Starting his career in sales at the tender age of 18, Ali quickly realized that he would have to become better because being terrible at selling was not fun. Since then, Ali has personally closed almost $100 Million in sales for many companies from small local establishments to large multi-national organizations. Since 2012, Ali has taken his passion for closing deals to teaching others how to close deals.

Ali firmly believes, there is no such thing as a born salesman; the only things born are baby boys and baby girls! Salespeople are taught. Ali currently lives in Atlanta and travels the country helping companies increase their sales.


Show notes:



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