Why Introverts Make Great Salespeople With Matthew Pollard

Matthew Pollard joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss if salespeople need to be extroverted to be successful, why salespeople need systems and how they can be hacked to give rapid growth.





Can introverts make great salespeople?

The show is kicked off with Matthew explaining that he is actually an introvert (which you might not have guessed from the show if he hadn’t specifically stated it) and we look at how this might actually be an asset in sales.

“I’m incredibly introverted, when people find that out it surprises them. What I’d suggest is that I’m a forced extrovert” – Matthew Pollard

The show is wrapped up with Matthew giving us examples of how he implemented a sales script with his sales teams, the process of doing so and the massive effect on turnover this had.

Matthew and Will also cover –

  • Which perform better – introverts or extroverts
  • How you can change how extroverted you appear
  • The importance of sales scripts
  • How to create sales systems
  • What you should be measuring day to day




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Guest info:

Matthew Pollard has five multimillion-dollar business success stories to his name in industries as vastly different as telecommunications, construction, and nationally accredited education.

Mathew has been featured in CEO Magazine has had a recent top story in Entrepreneur and was the recipient of the prestigious Young Achiever Award from Melbourne Business Awards.


Show notes:


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