Why I’m Answering All Of Your Sales Questions (#AskWillShow)

You have put me in an uncomfortable position.

Sales nation sends me a lot of emails asking questions about sales, business and life in general.

But I’m not a sales expert or business “guru” (urgh, just writing that word makes me feel gross).

I felt like an imposter every time I replied and they each took forever to write as I had to include a wall of text explaining how ‘I might not be the best person to ask but here’s my response anyway’.

The #AskWillShow is the solution to my dilemma.


You Ask Your Sales Questions. I Answer Them.

The basic premise is that if you tag our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts with the hashtag #AskWillShow and ask a question, I will answer it on the next episode.

I will genuinely have a go at answering any question that comes in related to – sales, money and business.

Let’s be clear, I’m not doing this because I want to feed the beast that is YouTube with more free content.

I’m selfish, just like you.

I talk about ensuring a positive ROI out of everything you do in sales and this show is now different. With the #AskWillShow I hope to –

  • Get more comfortable in front of the camera and answering questions of the top of my head
  • Enable you to get to know, like and trust me quicker than through reading blog posts alone
  • Reduce the time I have to spend replying to emails by answering questions on the show (which then allows others to see the answers too)


What’s In It For Sales Nation?

Your time is precious.

As you work in sales, your time is literally your money.

Why should you watch the show if I’m literally costing you dollars for every minute that you tune in?

  • Hopefully you will learn something (or at least be motivated) and so you’ll close more deals
  • If you’re going to watch YouTube on your break then you might as well watch something that’s useful
  • You will see both Salesman.Red and me personally evolve over time
  • You can get your sales questions answered

I’m not going to be ramming this down anyones throat.

If you enjoy the blog or even just the podcast and you don’t want to dive further into the Salesman.Red world, that’s cool.

However if you want to see what all the hype is about here are the first 5 episodes for you to enjoy –


Episode 5


Episode 4


Episode 3


Episode 2


Episode 1


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