Why High Character Individuals Close More Deals With Bruce Weinstein





Bruce Weinstein (the ethics guy) joins me on the Salesman Podcast today to look at how important character is in becoming a successful salesman and how it’s often a trait which is over looked and underdeveloped.


Do you have a strong character?

I ask Bruce if most people are concious of whether they have strong character traits such as honesty and integrity (crucial for becoming successful in sales) or if everyone assumes that they have them even when they don’t.

“I’m incredibly introverted, when people find that out it surprises them. What I’d suggest is that I’m a forced extrovert”

We look at how introverts can force themselves to appear like extroverts by thinking out their pitches and conversations before hand and so not having to rely on the sales gift of the gab.


Is character a gut feeling?

Bruce explains that someone’s opinion of your character is often wrapped up in a feeling rather than an analytical check-list of what you’ve done right and wrong. A good way to look at it from your side is to think about how you feel about yourself when you’re with someone.

“Think about how you feel about yourself when you’re with this person”

If you feel self concious perhaps? Perhaps they’re a bully. Do you feel safe? Perhaps they’re particularly open and honest.


The BEST way to show a prospect you have high character

Look at why stories are the best way to portray your high character traits and some of the psychology behind this.

Then we wrap up the last part of the show by diving into how I manage my emails and stop them from stressing me out and how you can to.


Bruce Weinstein the ethics guy


Guest info:

Bruce ‘the ethics guy’ is an author and keynote speaker that has been featured on CNBC, the Today Show, Fox News, and CNN.  Bruce has also written columns in Bloomberg Businessweek and the Huffington Post.



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Show notes:



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Books mentioned: 

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