Why Account Based Selling Is Taking Over With Kyle Porter



What Is Account Based Selling?

The show is kicked off with Kyle explaining the modern definition of what account based selling is and the fact that it’s actually been around for a while.

“The higher the velocity of sales, required for success, the more scientific the process is” – Kyle Porter  

Kyle then shares his thoughts on the benefits of separating the sales process into discrete roles within the organisation so each person can be highly tuned, trained and motivated to a very specific criteria for success.

“high velocity sales tactics are not as effective in a Boeing yet sale because they require more investment, empathy and time” – Kyle Porter 

The show is wrapped up with Kyle pointing out that account based sales is for rapid growth companies and not necessarily everyone.

Sales teams leading a long term, complex B2B sale might still fare better with account managers/consultants to face the deal (even if they still have a team of people working below them).




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Guest info:

Kyle Porter has been an entrepreneur and sales professional for over a decade. He was the Vice President of Marketing for NanoLumens where he built the sales and marketing organization and helped the company raise over $12mm in investment capital.

Kyle co-founded SalesLoft, alongside David Cummings, which was recognized by the Technology Association of Georgia as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in 2012. During the summer of 2012, SalesLoft joined TechStars – one of the top technology accelerators in the country.

Kyle has led SalesLoft to serve over 800 clients and 24,000 sales and marketing professionals while boosting revenue over 2000% in 2014.


Show notes:





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