When Clients Say, “Let Me Think About It.” You Say, “…”

Have you ever had a buyer who was extremely qualified, they had the budget to purchase and they came through your entire sales funnel…

Turn around as you closed them and say “I need to think about it?”

I’ve been there. It sucks. You’ve invested so much into this deal and it’s feel apart right at the last second.

Well, why do you think this happened?

Do you think that the buyer really needed to spend a week thinking about their purchasing decision or was there something else holding them back?

I guarantee you that most of the time when a buyer says “I need to think about it” they are lying right to your face.

So do you want to learn how to deal with this objection? Then stay tuned because in this video I’m going to explain both how to respond when a buyer says “I need to think about it” and how to prevent this sales objection happening in the first place.

Sound good? OK lets jump in.

The Big Lie

When a buyer says “I need to think about it” they are lying to you.

But don’t take it personally. What the buyer is really saying one of four things –

  1. “I don’t have budget”
  2. “I don’t have authority to make a purchase”
  3. “I don’t understand the value in your offer”
  4. “There’s no reason to buy this right now”

All of these real objections are telling you that the buyer doesn’t feel certain in their purchasing decision.

For any purchase to happen there needs to be certainty.

If it’s a small sale, the certainty doesn’t need to be very high. If it’s a big, sale then the levels of certainty need to be much higher and probably need to be spread across multiple people (draw people).

Your job as a sales professional is to increase the certainty of the conversation you’re having with your buyers. So my rebuttal to the “I need to think about it question” is always –

“Out of curiosity, what about deal are you uncertain about?”

If you ask this question in an empathetic way the buyer will respond in kind and coach you on what they’re not sure about and how to fix the issue.

If however you want to defeat this objection before it even arises you need to take a slightly different approach.

Eliminate The Option

To eliminate the option of the “I need to think about it” objection coming up at the end of a sales meeting, you can preframe your sales conversations by saying – 

“If everything goes smoothly today, does it make sense that you will be able to make a decision on this call?”

When you ask this question, if the buyer isn’t qualified to do business with you, they’re going to let you know at the beginning of the meeting rather than at the end of it. Now you can spend more of the sales meeting uncovering what it holding them back and progressing the sale forward.  

Otherwise if they agree to the rule we set out, they’re going to feel socially uncomfortable saying that they need to “think about it” at the end of the sales meeting as they agreed to make a decision within it.

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