What Sales People Get WRONG About Social Selling With Jamie Shanks

Jamie Shanks joins Will Barron on the Salesman Podcast to discuss what salespeople get wrong when they social sell so we can work out what we need to do to get it right.









Social Selling Mistakes

The show is kicked off with Jamie explaining that not everyone needs to be selling socially. It comes down to simply where your audience lives.

If they hang out on social then it's the correct path for you, if they're at conferences then you need to get off your backside and see them there.

“The first thing they need to determine is, where is my audience” – Jamie Shanks 

Jamie then shares his thoughts on the possible ROI of social media and why this has to be the starting point for management looking into it's viability as a sales channel.

“Ultimately my belief is that it's the individual salespersons responsibility” – Jamie Shanks

The show is wrapped up with Jamie pointing out that as adults our learning doesn't stop. In fact, to excel in business it needs to accelerate!




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Guest info:

Jamie Shanks is one of North America's leading social selling experts. He has personally built social selling solutions in nearly every industry, ranging from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations.

Before starting his first sales agency, Jamie was the director of sales at two SaaS software companies—Captive Channel Corp. and Firmex Inc.— building their businesses from infancy to profitability.

After great success at Firmex, he decided to help other technology firms build sales 2.0 models and launched Shanks Group Inc. In December 2011, Jamie merged the Shanks Group Inc. with Sales for Life, which is now a leading social selling, training, and coaching company.


Show notes:





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