Using Neuro Linguistic Programming In Sales With Leigh Ashton

Leigh Ashton joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss Neuro Linguistic Programming.









Neuro Linguistic Programming In Sales

The show is kicked off with Leigh explaining what the acronym NLP stands for and how salespeople can leverage this technology to add more value in their interactions with prospects.

“It's all about how the mind works and the patterns and programing we have has individuals that cause us to do, act-out and behave in a certain way” – Leigh Ashton

The show is wrapped up with Leigh giving a live NLP exercise to Will and they discuss how the technquies used could be useful for salespeople who hate doing their emails.

“95% of what we do is unconscious. We only become concious when something out of the orginary happens” – Leigh Ashton

Leigh and Will also cover –

  • Neuro Linguistic Programming defined
  • The benefits of understanding NLP for sales professionals
  • Leigh's story and how she got started in sales
  • How to become concious to objections
  • A LIVE NLP exercise




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Guest info:

Leigh is an author, speaker, trainer and coach…and founder of The Sales Consultancy. She helps sales professionals and business owners get more sales.

She has been in sales since 1983 and as a young sales manager became increasingly frustrated by the inconsistent performance of her sales team. This really inspired her to go and find out why this happens…and she found that what goes on in a person’s head has the biggest impact on their sales success.


Show notes:
Leigh Ashton on LinkedIn

Leigh Ashton on Youtube

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