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Are salespeople born or made?

It’s an age old question that goes along with the worlds oldest profession (not that “oldest profession”, get your mind out of the gutter).

Personally I believe anyone can learn to become great at sales which is why we created the to give sales professionals the resources the need to succeed.

But of course there are a series of natural traits which can help making a life in sales easier.


Traits of naturally outstanding salespeople

In the video above Mark runs through what he considers some of the natural traits which can help people to become sales superstars.

If there is a trait that you don’t posses naturally, don’t worry. Everything can be learnt with enough repetition and focus.


  1. Being naturally competitive – Wanting to beat your competition and even your co-workers leads salespeople to take more action. This is precisely why a lot of sales managers will try and recruit ex-athletes into their sales teams.
  2. Having natural empathy – Empathy leads salespeople to actually want to help others. Creating win-win situations the way to build long lasting business relationships.
  3. Naturally wanting to take action – The reason I’ve always been successful at sales is because I have a drive to take action. I see a problem and it frustrates the heck out of me if I don’t come up with a solution and implement it quickly.


Are there any other traits that stand out to you as natural advantages in the arena of sales? Let us know in the comments below.


The Expert

Mark Tewart is a recognized expert in sales, marketing, management, personal development, motivation, business operations as well a highly recognized automotive industry sale training expert.

Mark has an extensive and successful background spanning over three decades ranging from sales & finance to becoming one of the youngest Executive Managers in the country at the age of twenty seven.

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