The Quickest Way To Become A Master Influencer/Persuader With David Straker





David Straker joins me on the Salesman Podcast to discus how we can influence and negotiate others within the world of sales.


Influence isn't magic

We start the show by looking at some of the misconceptions about influence.

“The biggest misconception about influence is that it's magic. That if you do this you'll get that.”

David is an expert on this matter and he explains why influence and persuasion are not magic, there are systems that can be used to implement them.


Are you a good influencer?

Next we look at whether people can naturally be good influencers and if they exist what we can learn from them.

I also ask David if it could be the case that listeners could already be amazing influencers but not even realise it.


The quickest way to become a master persuader

We spend the rest of the show diving into the quickest ways to become highly skilled at the art and science of influence and persuasion.

“If I was going into sales, I would go and assist an experienced salesperson. The only thing I wouldn't do is assume that the experienced salesperson knew everything.”

We look at observing others, body language, mentors, frameworks/processes, building rapid rapport and more.


David Straker changing minds


Guest info:

David Straker, an individual with a long background in a range of mind-changing areas, including (in no particular order) counseling, psychology, marketing, sales, education, business change, international management and consulting. Oh yes, and parenting.

David has four postgraduate qualifications in changing minds (M.Sc. psychology, M.Sc. management, Postgraduate Certificate in Education, and Diploma in Marketing) and runs




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Show notes:

Apple I

Closing Techniques –

The video David recommended as an intro to Tai Chi –


Books mentioned: 

Changing Minds – In detail. How to change what people think, feel, believe and do.

I've devoured David's book and I give it my full recommendation. This thing is crammed with knowledge for sales people –

changing minds in detail book

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