The Netflix Of Cars Sales? “Inclusive” Sales Training? And More!

On this week in sales we’ll be looking at: spaced learning, the Netflix of cars sales, “inclusive” sales training and much more!

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CRM Marketing Company Optimove Secures $75 Million

The funding will support continued investment in strategic hiring and M&A, expansion of the company’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Marketing platform, and rapid growth.

Optimove’s SaaS technology combines a Customer Data Platform (CDP) with a Multichannel Marketing Hub (MMH) designed for uniquely empowering brands to deliver personalized marketing campaigns to connect and engage with existing customers.

And unlike more traditional solutions that rely on common, rule-based orchestration, Optimove places customer data at its core, layering advanced AI-based campaign orchestration on top.

How 3 college friends built a $1 billion business selling used cars 

Carro — a play on the words “car hero” — is a Southeast Asian online auto marketplace designed to simplify car deals using artificial intelligence technology.

In a region with a vast and growing, digital-savvy middle class, price-sensitive consumers were increasingly opting for second hand models.

Expanding middle class combined with low car ownership rates in Southeast Asia were really the main factors that stimulated new car sales.

Carro capitalized on that demand, rolling out its online offering for individuals and wholesale dealers across Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia in the years that followed. Meantime, it added end-to-end financial services like loans, insurance and aftercare.

By 2019, inspired by streaming giants Netflix and Spotify, the company launched Singapore’s first car subscription service, allowing users to lease a vehicle for a monthly fee, with tax, warranty, and maintenance all included.

“What we saw was the changing behavior of car ownership. Really the gap in the market was to look for people that want that flexibility. And more importantly, they actually want to try out new cars,” said Tan.

Sales Training: Boot the “Boot Camp” for Spaced Learning

Sales training and return on investment (ROI) have a complicated relationship. While sales leaders generally agree that training is valuable and necessary, it doesn’t always translate to desired results. A big reason for why training doesn’t stick is the way it’s traditionally been delivered and whether it’s reinforced.

Even today, instructors deliver most formal sales training efforts through real-time or virtual workshops. This fire-hose approach of delivering a ton of content at once, or during a few days, covers a lot of information, but most sales reps aren’t able to retain much of it.

SPARXiQ’s Modern Sales Foundations program provides 25 to 30 hours of learning and application exercises, and we recommend consuming the information at the pace of an hour per week.

Employing a virtual version of the flipped-classroom concept, salespeople watch the core content on a topic on their own time before joining together as teams or cohorts to conduct a follow-up reinforcement meeting. These follow-up meetings are best led by the frontline sales manager, who then becomes a continuing resource for the team while also leading by example.

Seismic Unveils Inclusive New Sales Enablement Training Program

Enableship, a program designed to foster an inclusive community that provides sales enablement training and opportunities for underrepresented groups.

“The enablement space is booming, and yet, it is disproportionately white compared to the U.S. population,” said Donna DeBerry, Seismic Vice President, Global Inclusion

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