The Link Between Sales And Passion With Claude Diamond

Claude Diamond joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss the link between being passionate and closing more deals.







Sales And Passion

The show is kicked off with Will asking Claude if he’s naturally grinning, full of energy and raring to close deals all the time or if that is a state he has to get himself into before he picks up the phone.

We’ve got to find the passion. We’ve got to find the product or service we believe in. – Claude Diamond

The show is wrapped up by looking into the idea that if as a sales professional you’re just regurgitating the stories, facts and figures that your marketing department has given you, then you’re not adding any value to the conversation. In fact you’re probably not even needed for the transaction to happen.



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Guest info:

Claude Diamond is just like many kids who grew up in New York City. He attended P.S. 152, played stickball on the streets using the sewer covers as first base and home plate. Yes, Claude is just like you with one notable exception; he is a self made Millionaire.

He has created many successful home business concepts from scratch and has excelled in areas such as Creative Real Estate Investing, Sales System Training, Contemporary Marketing, Consulting, Coaching and of course, Mentoring. He is also a nationally recognized keynote speaker and writer.

His company, The Diamond Consulting Group, has produced what many consider to be the finest cassettes and videos ever produced in the area of human potential, self improvement, goal setting, consulting, wealth creation, motivation and sales.


Show notes:

Claude’s excellent YouTube channel

The Mentor teaches The GUT’s Sales Training Method

The Mentor : A Story of Success

Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion, Revised Edition

Games People Play: The Psychology of Human Relationships


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