The Future Of Sales (Artificial Intelligence, Split Testing, Snapchat And More) With John Barrows

John Barrows joins Will Barron on the Salesman Podcast to discuss the future of selling in the internet age and what we sales professionals need to do right now to be a head of the pack.









Sales In The Internet Age

The show is kicked off with John and Will discussing the role of artificial intelligence and how it has the opportunity to dramatically shift the time salespeople need to be spending having low level conversations with prospects.

However the guys also look at why there will always be a need for a real person to have more consultative and value adding conversations further down the line.

“Marketing automation is coming up stream really fast” – John Barrows

John then shares his thoughts on the fact that A/B split testing email subject lines, pitches, presentations and practically every other sales activity should be your number one priority if you want to systematically improve your sales performance.

“Because there's too little majors in college for sales, too many people take short cuts” – John Barrows

The show is wrapped up with John putting Snapchat (and any other future platforms) in their place in the sales environment and suggesting how they can be leveraged to add more value to potential customers.




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Guest info:

John Barrows provides customized sales training and consulting services for clients like, Box, Linkedin and many others with a focus on driving results with proven techniques and reinforcement tools that impact adoption and behavior change.

He proudly represents the MJHoffman & Associated (aka Basho) training techniques while layering on additional training, tools and resources as my client’s needs evolve. This includes a new online portal with the prospecting training he delivers in video format to help with reinforcement and on-onboarding.


Show notes:

John's Online Training Platform







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