Your team will find and close more sales in the next 30 days or your money back Academy is a 12-month training and mentorship program that shows your team how to find buyers, book meetings and close more deals with predictability.

Who it's for Academy is for you if you're a sales leader looking to improve the performance of your team without spending more time coaching and training them yourself personally:

What it helps them achieve Academy will help your team achieve the following in 4-weeks or less:


Understand your market

Create a value proposition that has prospects begging to chat.

Book more meetings

Implement a sales cadence that makes booking sales meetings predictable.

Close more, bigger sales

Diagnose your buyers problems and close them with zero rejection.

What is the process

The Academy training process is often imitated but never beaten.

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Selling frameworks

Our frameworks are proven, step-by-step processes that achieve specific results. They remove the stress and guesswork as all you have to do is follow along.
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Video coaching

All products, markets and customers are different. Everyone has their own unique challenges. That is why we offer unlimited coaching with our industry experts.
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Asset reviews

Modern B2B sales requires content. Get unlimited reviews of emails, scripts, LinkedIn profiles, sales cadences and more by our industry experts.

How do I see the results

Learn your teams strengths, weaknesses and the gap between where they are right now and the huge success that you know they are capable of.

What do they get access to Academy gives your team everything they need to find and close more sales.


1-on-1 consulting call

Uncover the 10% changes that will generate 90% of your results on a call with Will Barron.

SalesCode assessment

Take our SalesCode assessment and learn what you need to improve to reach your potential.

4-week online training

Effective video training covering the 31 proven, step-by-step, selling frameworks.

SalesCoach tool

87% of traditional training is lost within 30-days. Keep retention high with our SalesCoach practice tool.

Selling Made Simple

Get a extended, phyiscal copy of Selling Made Simple shipped right to your door.

Asset reviews

Get unlimited reviews of emails, scripts, LinkedIn profile and more by our industry experts.


Get an accountability partner who will hold you to your daily selling activities.


Share your journey and ask questions to over 2,000 other high performers.

Video coaching

Multiple 1-hour Zoom calls per week. Practice, ask questions and get answers.

How to get started

Schedule a call with the button below and somebody from our team will meet with you on Zoom to see if Academy is a good fit. If you have any questions, email
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More than 2,000+ successful students

"When I started the program I was at a 15% close rate. After 30 days I increased my close rate to 35% "

Amanda, account executive

"If you're in sales and you want to take your game to the next level, go to"

Liam, sales professional

"It helped me become a better seller... I urge you to join the Academy"

Ken, account manager

"We have started training all our reps on this and it's fantastic"

Bruce, co-founder

"I'd recommend hopping on the coaching calls because they're incredibly valuable"

Frederick, business owner

"It gives you a really good base foundation. It gives you very easy and applicable steps"

Sam, sales professional

"It's really pragmatic, very straight forward and you can get going straight away"​

David, sales enablement manager

"I recommend the program because of the high quality material and the support"​

Lysmuna, small business owner

"I've already used Will's process to win new customer orders and I can recommend his training program"

Simon, business owner

"Highly recommend this program for anyone who is trying to elevate their training and skills"

Jacques, account executive

"Overall the course is excellent and I highly recommend it"

Greg, small business owner

"We also use the resources to coach and carry out training for our team"

Ed, commercial senior director

"I like that the principles are based upon the scientific method"

Jozef, business owner

"You will improve your skills and it applies to any industry"

Jeffrey, sales consultant

"It's not just another traditional sales training"

Adam, sales manager

"What I like about is how clear the training is"

Alex, account executive