Subconscious selling (What is Holding You Back From Making Bank?) With Buki Mosaku





Buki Mosaku joins me on the Salesman Podcast to dive into the subconscious mind and how it helps your chances of success in sales.

Before you read any further, you will never see any hippy BS, ‘the secret' stuff from me on this topic. Only what science can show us to be true.


The primary and secondary causes of performance

We start by looking at the primary and secondary ways to boost a sales persons performance. Traditionally sales training has only ever focused on tactics, closing skills and essentially tricks of influence.

“The biggest thing that holds [salespeople] back is limited beliefs”

Buki discusses how we can increase our commission checks by focusing on the primary sources of sales performance and they come from within.


Limiting beliefs

Buki explains that the thing that holds most salespeople back is their limiting beliefs that have been put there by someone (mainly by mistake) in years gone by.

“It doesn't matter what training you do. You'll often be limited to the corporate mindset you're working within”

We discuss how your colleagues (are they high achievers or losers?) can go on to affect your limiting beliefs as an adult and how well you will perform in sales.

If you're surrounded my a team who are crushing their targets, it's going to be simple for you to assume that you will crush yours too. This builds your confidence and will encourage you to push forward faster.


Hacking your own subconscious

We wrap up the show with Buki explaining how we can manipulate and change the beliefs held in our own subconscious and I share an example I use all the time of simply adding a zero to whatever I'm trying to achieve.

If I'm aiming to bring in £20k of sales I ask myself what I would have to do and how much action I'd beed to take to bring in £200k. I know that I'm unlikely to hit that much higher number however the amount of effort (and the approach) will change which means it's super likely I will crush the original goal.




Guest info:

Buki is the founder of Inquire Management which is a corporate development and sales training consultancy that help sales people and professional service teams in large, medium and small companies to generate more prospects, close more sales and grow existing business.

Clients include: Shell, JP Morgan, Aviva, Aviva Investors, Goldman Sachs to name a few. Their key  differentiator is the ability to get results and immediate returns on investment derived from customised programmes, public workshops, audio books and pragmatic sales consultancy.



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Show notes:

The note I mentioned that sits in front of me on my office wall –




Books mentioned: 

The New Psycho-Cybernetics: The Original Science of Self-improvement and Success That Has Changed the Lives of 30 Million People


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