Grab yourself some free stickers!

Here’s the deal,

STEP 1) Leave an honest iTunes review for the Salesman Podcast

STEP 2) Fill in the form below and I personally will send you out a bundle of sales related stickers

STEP 3) Stick them all over your work laptop and have your sales manager shout at you


These are the current designs –

sticker pack


Have you left a review (I’ll be checking…)?

Then simply fill out this form and I’ll be posting you your sticker pack in the next couple of days. Thank you for supporting the Salesman Podcast :).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are these really free or are you going to ask me to pay postage or something?

A: No way, when I say free I mean it. I’ll literally be walking to the post office to ship them myself incurring all costs no matter where you live.

Q: How do I leave an iTunes review?

A: It’s super simple, just follow this guide.

Q: Damn it! I left a review last week before you were giving away the stickers…

A: Fill in the form and I’ll get some sent over :).

Q: I have multiple iTunes accounts, can I claim multiple sticker packs?

A: Great hustle, I don’t see why not.

Q: How many stickers are there?

A: I’ve had 200 printed in each style, once they’re gone they gone forever!

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