Social Selling 101 (And Why My Profile Picture Sucks) With Brynne Tillman

Brynne Tillman joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss the power social selling for the millennial salesperson. 





Social Selling is here to stay

The show is kicked off with Brynne explaining the 4 stages of social selling and this acts as the base from which the rest of the episode builds upon.

“Number 4, which I still think is part of social selling, is taking the conversation offline […] the close of the sale on LinkedIn for me is getting the warm phone call”

The show is wrapped up with Brynne explaining how LinkedIn (and the new forms of social media that have yet to be released) can help you break through the noise and actually reach your prospects.

Brynne and Will also cover –

  • The 4 stages of social selling
  • Why you should be creating your own content to own your audience
  • Never share content without reading it…
  • How to leverage LinkedIn to get a warm phone call
  • The importance of ‘listening’ to your prospects online
  • How to use LinkedIn to break through the noise of modern communication q




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Guest info:

Brynne Tillman, CEO is a successful sales professional, sales trainer and coach spanning over 3 decades who has unlocked the power of LinkedIn for Sales and Business Development Professionals.

Over the last 5 years, Brynne has been teaching Leveraging LinkedIn for Business Development, has authored a comprehensive workbook and guide, LinkedIn for Business Development and is now is taking the class globally.

SSL’s program is delivered to sales teams and business development professionals globally through certified sales trainers.


Show notes:

Brynne on BLAB – 5 FREE social sales videos



Books mentioned:

LinkedIn & Social Selling for Business Development



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