Should You Use Slides In Your Sales Presentation? – #Salespresso

Most of the time presenting using slides when you’re wanting to close a deal or at least get a commitment from a prospect is a bad move. Here’s why…



4 Reasons why you shouldn’t use slides in your sales presentation

In addition to everything Michael discusses in the video clip, here are 4 more ways that salespeople continuously ruin sales presentations by including unnecessary slides –


1) You’re hiding behind them

There is nothing worse than a salesperson who has been given the precious time of the prospect to present who then spends it hiding behind a set of slides.

Throwing them up and repeating what is on the screen is not selling.

It’s being a coward.


2) Less dynamic

Perhaps your prospect knows everything that is going to pop up between slides 12-16.

Are you going to ask and then skip through them?

You should but most salespeople don’t.

When your presentation runs to a predetermined path, you get bored doing it over and over and your prospects can tell.


3) You say too much

Slides extend presentations massively.

It’s very easy to put a picture of your product on the screen and run through it inch by inch but would you have done that without the slides?

Likely you would have had a conversation and asked the prospect what they wanted to know rather than endlessly going on about irrelevant facts whilst the buyer plays on their phone.


4) They’re distracting

Why would you want your prospect to be looking at a wall rather than your face?

Slides also gives the audience the OK to get out their phones and start processing emails.

However when you’re speaking directly to them it becomes very rude for them not to sit and pay attention.


When you should use slides

If your product is technical (medical devices, industrial projects) and key metrics are make or break for you to win the business then of course slides will be a useful tool for you.

However they should only contain one data point each and you should be talking about that specific point whilst the slide is up.

Additionally slides can be useful if you have a video you’d like to share with your prospects but don’t get caught hiding behind the media.

People buy from people… not a slideshow.


The Expert

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