I know your story… I’ve been there too. Sales is a tough place to have consistent success, it’s even harder to be happy whilst doing it…

But there is a way to thrive in sales.

I’ve got a quick question for you…

Have you ever wondered why some of your colleagues seem to hit their sales targets effortlessly? With zero stress and seemingly less effort than what you’re putting in?

What would it mean for you if you could hit target, reliably and comfortably in the same way?

What’s holding you back from doing this?

Have you read all the sales guru’s books or even taken their online courses and been fed a bunch of ways to manipulate your prospects?

Come on… admit it, you thought this was the answer didn’t you?

But in the internet age when a prospect can stop replying to your emails or ignore your phone calls, these old school sales tactics just don’t work.

So what is the solution? When will it be your turn to have sales success?

I’m going to share a secret with you that took 250+ interviews with the worlds leading sales experts, neuroscientists, success coaches and millionaire sales professionals to uncover.

Success in B2B sales doesn’t come from manipulating others.

It doesn’t come from the cliches like “just add more value”.

It happens, routinely, like clock work when you make the decision to THRIVE in sales not just attempt to hit your numbers.

My name is Will Barron and I’m the host of the Salesman Podcast. The worlds biggest B2B sales podcast.

Before I started the show however I was just like you.

I was sat there, leg bouncing up and down under the table, my sales manager and his manager the national sales manager staring me down across the table.

I wasn’t actually far off my sales target at this point but I hated every minute of my existence.

I’d read all the sales books, I had taken on board all the advice from the “successful” sales reps in my team. Yet I was just treading water in both sales and my life as a whole.

The problem I had was that it wasn’t my sales skills that was stopping me from THRIVING in sales…

It was a whole bunch of inner skills that I didn’t even realise were important.

I was fearful, I was anxious, I felt like I was constantly battling my managers, my customers and my potential prospects.

I felt like everyone was against me and so I bailed.

I ran away to regroup.

I left my sales job and spent 12+ months interviewing the worlds top sales consultants, behavioural psychologists, marketing experts, negotiation researchers and more to work out what the gap was between hitting target and THRIVING.

It was during this period that I had my “AH-HA” moment!

I read a bunch of self help books and they helped a little…

I interviewed some motivational speakers on the show and they motivated me for a little while until the motivation drifted off…

But finally I realised, the issue wasn’t with hitting your sales target. Anyone can manage that.

To THRIVE in sales you need to have purpose, eliminate procrastination and be using your sales job as a tool to achieve something HIGHER…

Then the stresses fades, your confidence grows and you crush your sales target with even less effort than you were putting in before!

I also realised that this wasn’t my fault. The skills of mastering procrastination, the steps to become self motivated, the tactics to remove selling fear from our lives just weren’t being taught.

Why the hell not I asked myself?!

It’s simple. I asked every sales consultant I interviewed on the Salesman Podcast and the answer was the same, it’s difficult to teach.

“We can teach anyone to read off a script and cold call. It take more time, effort and skill to teach a sales professional not to be fearful of winning the business and so we can’t sell that as a service, even though it’s more effective!” – Local Sales Consultant

The real problem is that sales professionals like you and I are never told this.

Once I realised that the goal is to THRIVE in sales, not just survive my ability to prospect and close deals skyrocketed.

It’s not just me who has broken through and had this realisation either –

“Since Will turned sales on its head and showed me that it was my fear of rejection holding me back on the phone, not the fact that I needed a mechanical sounding sales script to hide behind, I ended the month 130% over quota!” – Ben Olplex, Pharmaceutical Sales

I didn’t realise at the time but not only did my sales skills improve dramatically but my anxiety levels dropped too. My confidence increased and I started living a bigger life altogether.

I started to THRIVE both in sales and in life!

That is why I created the SalesSchool.

It took 100+ hours to create and cost me thousands but it was totally worth it.

It make the process of THRIVING in sales so much easier than anything else out there.

It breaks down the topics that really do have an effect on your ability to close deals so you can stop wasting time with all the other books and systems.

It’s continuously updated, FOREVER and so you’re skills will always be cutting edge.

It covers things like dealing with fear, eliminating procrastination and setting sales habits. All the things that “traditional” sales training miss so YOU can really THRIVE in your sales role.

But don’t take my word for all of this. Here’s what the SalesSchool members are saying –

“I love the Salesman Podcast and so the SalesSchool was the logical next step. Will has a knack for uncovering real problems and giving a real solution rather than a surface level fix” – James Harden, Medical Device Sales

“Best decision of my life! I literally spent my last bit of personal development budget for the year on the SalesSchool and just two courses in it’s been the best investment I’ve made in years.” – Amy Harrison, Software Enablement Sales

“Wills prospecting module was worth the price of the whole SalesSchool alone! It’s paid for itself many times over in new customers” – Barry Ibal, Food Goods Sales

But, before we get started, would you like to get access to the SalesSchool?

Are you excited? :)

Be honest with yourself…

Could it help you really THRIVE rather than just tread water?

While it would be impossible for me to show you ALL of the benefits of the SalesSchool here, I want to just mention a couple of the things you’ll experience when you’re inside:

  • New courses added each and every month to the SalesSchool
  • Access to the SalesSchool Sales Assessment tool to help diagnose where your current weak points are
  • Hours of high quality 1080p video content to consume
  • Priority access to me so I can help you directly over email with whatever you’re struggling with

The total value of the SalesSchool is over $1000+. The SalesSchool Sales Assessment and personal email debrief is valued at over $300 on it’s own.

If all of this enabled you to routinely hit your sales target whilst having a great time doing it, would it be worth it to you?

Right now, I’m not going to charge you $1000+. I’m not even going to charge you the current price of $395.

If you sign up before January 1st 2017 I’m giving you an additional $100 OFF using the code “newyear”.

I’m taking all the risk with our 90 day, no questions asked, instant money back guarantee.

All you have to do is send me an email saying you’d like a refund and I will process it there and then. No back and forth, no messing around.

But you must act now because the end of year $100 OFF offer ends January 1st.

Just imagine what your life will be like when you’re playing a bigger game and THRIVING in both sale AND life…

So click on the button below, enter the code “newyear” for an additional $100 OFF and enter your credit/debit card information.

We’re waiting to see you inside and we’re ready to help you crush 2017.

However without the help of the SalesSchool, you’ll always be searching for that missing piece of the puzzle. No other sales resource will help you.

I know it sounds harsh. So why make your career in sales harder than it really has to be?

Remember, sign up before the 1st January and get an additional $100 OFF using the code “newyear”.

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