Reducing Your Sales Cycle (Increasing Your Sales Efficiency) With Andy Paul





How To Reduce Your Sales Cycle

The show is kicked off with Andy explaining the importance of reducing the length of your sales cycle. Clearly to close more deals you have two options, bring in more leads and reduce the time you spend selling each one of them so you can fit more of them into your day or close bigger deals (which isn't always physically possible).

“40-55% is what you see, is the amount of time that reps are spending on things that are not specifically sales focused” –  Andy Paul

Andy then shares the importance of understanding the bottle necks in your sales productivity by working out the actual hours you spend doing each task.

Once you know how many hours it takes to close a deal, you can then work out how many deals you can actually fit into your work year and then working backwards from that, if it's enough.

“Sales is not something you do on autopilot, it's mindful, thoughtful, createful process” –  Andy Paul 

The show is wrapped up with Andy describing his competitiveness and how that drives his success in business.




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Guest info:

Over three decades Andy Paul has built a successful career as a sales leader, author, speaker and consultant by being different, thinking differently and selling differently.

He's helped boost the performance of teams selling products and services as diverse as complex multi-million dollar communications networks to collectable professional sports memorabilia. He's worked with raw technology start-ups and Fortune 1000 companies and everything in between.


Author of two outstanding sales books, Andy is also the host of a leading sales podcast ‘Accelerate!'.


Show notes:

Andy's Online Training Platform

BOOK: Amp Up Your Sales: Powerful Strategies That Move Customers to Make Fast, Favorable Decisions

BOOK: Zero-Time Selling: 10 Essential Steps To Accelerate Every Company's Sales

Andy's excellent podcast –


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