Q/A – Best cold prospecting tools? Nervous on cold calls? Video emails?

Questions asked:

  1. Should I join a company as an inbound SDR? They say I can make it to AE within 6 months if I hit my quota of 5 meetings booked a week.
  2. How do I get over being nervous on cold calls? I come across as anxious and I think that is being passed onto the person who I'm calling. I'm using the same script as everyone else but not getting good results.
  3. I need to decide between a series of prospecting tools I've been trialing. I know you've promoted Lusha and Uplead but I also trialed Seamless and Apollo. In your experience which one is more worth it? Looking to get 100+ leads a day.
  4. I've an interview coming up and I've been told there will be questions about time management. How do I answer these questions?
  5. I want to join Selling Made Simple Academy. Why do I have to book a call? Can I not just sign up?
  6. Have you/your team tried using video calls in cold emails? Do they help improve response rate like they claim?
  7. What was the biggest sales commission deal that you got?
  8. Thanks for all the content! I'm starting a new sales job tomorrow. Any tips?



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