Learn The Secret To Gravitas, Charisma And Confidence With Caroline Goyder

Caroline Goyder joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to share how salespeople can increase their levels of charisma and gravitas.





The Secrets Of Charisma

The show is kicked off with Caroline defining what gravitas is and relating this back to how it can positively affect sales professionals if they work at improving their levels of it.

“It's when purpose is bigger than you, when there is a common purpose,  that people's gravitas really kicks in”

The show is wrapped up by asking the question as to if there are really any downsides to becoming more charismatic or if this is a skill everyone should be trying to master whether they are in sales or not.

Caroline and Will also cover –

  • Why anxiety is the nemesis of gravitas
  • Whether people are born with confidence or it's a learned response
  • Why there is a lack of charisma in business in 2015
  • How being ‘present' is an instant gravitas booster
  • You can become passionate about any product you're tasked to sell
  • How to speak with more authority




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Guest info:

Caroline is the Founder and Creator of The Gravitas Method, and author of revolutionary new book, GRAVITAS, in which she reveals how to speak so others will listen.

Using simple techniques to build your natural gravitas, you will learn how to express yourself clearly with passion and confidence to persuade, influence and engage listeners.

By being grounded in your values and capabilities, you will gain the authority needed to make people sit up and pay attention


Show notes:


Caroline's excellent TEDx talk –

VIDEO: Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action 



Books mentioned:

Gravitas: Communicate with Confidence, Influence and Authority


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