Is Social Selling Right For YOU? With Kurt Shaver

Kurt Shaver comes on the Salesman Podcast to discuss social selling training and if it's really for every sales professional or just a certain few, in certain niches.









Is Social Selling For Everyone?

The show is kicked off with Kurt giving a little background as to who ‘created' social selling and when it evolved in the market place.

“Before we get into the tools, people have to understand the mindset” – Kurt Shaver

Kurt then shares his thoughts on the mindset shift that has happened with most peoples networks now being online rather than in person.

“They want to go for scalable, customised content” Kurt Shaver 

The show is wrapped up with Kurt explaining the social selling dream in comparison to the reality where sales people are already down on time and resources and so adding creating or curating content to their diaries isn't as easy as it seems.


Guest info:

For over 25 years Kurt Shaver has helped companies increase their bottom line performance through innovative strategies that empower sales teams to find clients and close deals.

Beyond  numerous Top Salesperson awards as an individual contributor, Kurt’s sales leadership experience includes building sales teams at a number of fast growth companies – where his teams averaged between 22%-43% annual growth between 2001-2007.

Kurt Shaver has been recognized with numerous leadership awards including; “Top 25 Channel Executives to Know” – VAR Business magazine, Channel Partner Excellence Award – for portal, Led Region from”worst to first” for Websense, no.11 on FORTUNE’s “100 Fastest Growing Companies” for 2004.


Show notes:



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