The MOST IMPORTANT sales call you can ever make!

Andy Paul explains that the most important call you can ever make doesn’t come before you get paid.

It doesn’t set up the close and it’s not even that first initial outreach to a prospect that we procrastinated on for a week before making.

The most important sales call is a quick call action after the deal has been closed.

Before you’ve even deliver the product or implement the service, you must call the customer and set some expectations –

  • Confirm what they’ve paid for
  • Confirm what you need from them to move forward

Why do we need to do this? Surely the customer is more than aware of what’s going on right?

Not quite.

Typically the customer, in a competitive sales process will have negotiated in their own mind the service they’re getting from each of the suppliers. They’ve taken the best bits from everyone (and in a high percentage of selling scenarios a couple of half truths from the salespeople involved) and pulled it all together.

They’re expecting you as the winning supplier to offer them the unique selling points of everyone and of course that’s not you promised them in your proposal.

To eliminate any backlash and strengthen the relationship at this crucial moment it’s important to schedule a call to simply recap.

It’s no more complex than that but it aligns you as a long term business partner and not as some sales hack who is now outa there since the deal has closed.

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