How To Sell Through Stories With Karen Dietz

Karen Dietz joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to explain the power of story telling in sales.









Selling Through Stories

The show is kicked off with Karen dissecting the differences between a business story and what we would normal consider a ‘story'.

“When we're learning to craft stories, and tell them really well, we should always start with the end” – Karen Dietz

Karen then explains why business stories need to be interesting (the opposite of a usual slide wielding, monotone, analytic B2B sales pitch) if they're going to have impact with the prospect.

“Customers want to know, what keeps you going” Karen Dietz

The show is wrapped up with a discussion about the power of telling your personal story. Not the corporate line, not the product history but your narrative.

Put simply, people buy from people.



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Guest info:

Karen Dietz is a veteran in business storytelling, and is one of the originals in the field. She represents the best in both academic training and the art of performance storytelling.

Her motto says it all: “If you want results, just story it!”


Show notes:

Karen's blog

Business Storytelling For Dummies


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