How To Master Sales Charisma With Marcus Oakey




How To Master Charisma

The show is kicked off with Marcus explaining exactly what charisma is and what it isn’t. This first step of defining what we want to achieve is super powerful.

“People struggle with what is charisma.We all recognise it. It’s like the taste of water, we all recognise it but it’s very difficult to explain what it is” – Marcus Oakey 

Marcus then shares the importance of having both deep, personal confidence which leads to one layer of charisma and then supplementing that with situational charisma when it’s necessary.

“Charisma is the ability to evoke emotions in other people whilst making them feel comfortable” – Marcus Oakey 

The show is wrapped up with Marcus describing the differences and nuances of becoming high status when we want to lead and then low status when we want to show empathy.




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Guest info:

Marcus Oakey is the founder of Your Charisma Coach and author of ‘How to talk to anybody without the fear of rejection’.

Marcus started out as a shy, awkward guy who cracked the code to being the type of unforgettable person everyone dreams of becoming. In other words, a man who radiates charisma, which lead to more specialised work as an author, trainer, international speaker, TV pundit and creator of the Conversation Masterclass.


Show notes:

Marcus’s training


Marcus’s AWESOME Youtube channel –



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