How To Influence Anybody (Anywhere) With Dr Kevin Hogan





Kevin Hogan joins me on the Salesman Podcast to teach us how to influence anybody.


Can anyone become a powerful influencer?

We start the show with Kevin explaining that anyone can learn to influence.

“Influence is just effective communication and when you learn to communicate effectively you tend to have better relationships, thing tend to work out better in business. So yes it's an acquired skill”

We then dive deep into the topic of rapport and I ask Kevin if rapport is needed before someone can be influenced.

Kevin and I go on to discuss –

  • What is the structure to building rapport
  • Influence mistakes made over email
  • What is ‘in-group psychology'
  • How to open a conversation to increase influence
  • The most common misconceptions about influencing others
  • How to manipulate the meeting environment to close more sales
  • What is the best time in the day to influence someone
  • Why you should sit on the left of your prospect



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Guest info:

Kevin Hogan is a public speaker and corporate trainer, teaching about persuasion, influence, body language, emotional intelligence, communication, and motivation. In the last decade, he has become a body language expert and unconscious influence expert to ABC, Fox, the BBC,the New York Times,and many others.

Kevin holds a doctoral degree in psychology and has studied extensively in the fields of influence, hypnosis, and nonverbal communication.


Show notes:



Books mentioned:

Invisible Influence: The Power to Persuade Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere


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