How To Hack Sales (Close More Deals, Easier) With Max Altschuler

Max Altschuler joins Will Barron on the Salesman Podcast to discuss hacking the sales process. How to close more deals, faster with less effort by measuring what works and doing more of it.









Hacking The Sales Process

The show is kicked off with Max explaining which is more important for sales success – time, effort and hustle or high quality hacks and tactics.

“Sales is just as much a science as it is an art” – Max Altschuler 

Max then shares his thoughts on how to scale the selling process from one to one to one to a few. This is somewhat of a paradox as sales is all about being bespoke in your communication but technology allows us to hack the process a little.

“It all starts with account and contact intelligence” – Max Altschuler 

The show is wrapped up with the guys discussing the new dedicated ‘sales ops', ‘sales enablement' roles that are appearing in the marketplace and how the timely information they can provide to sales professionals can make their lives more productive.




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Guest info:

Max Altschuler is the founder and CEO of Sales Hacker, a high integrity community & conference for sales professionals. He's also the author of Hacking Sales: The Playbook For Building High Velocity Sales Machine.

Previously, Max was the first sales/marketing hire at uDemy, a marketplace for online education. He shares his insights on building multisided marketplaces, generating leads, launching a conference, and much more.


Show notes:

BOOK – Hacking Sales: The Ultimate Playbook for Building a High Velocity Sales Machine

hacking the sales process



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