How To Become A More Charismatic Salesperson With Owen Fitzpatrick

Owen Fitzpatrick joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to discuss how we can all be more charismatic in our daily lives.









How To Become More Charismatic

The show is kicked off with Owen explaining that real charisma isn’t ‘hacked’ or down to body language tricks, it comes from having a deeper, inner confidence.

“Charisma itself breeds success” – Owen Fitzpatrick

Owen goes on to point out that there is a cycle of success, which leads to more charisma, which leads to more confidence which in turn leads to even more success which we should all be trying to jump on.

“I believe that we’re all born charismatic… to some degree” Owen Fitzpatrick

The show is wrapped up with Owen explaining the importance of not just saying things in a bold, charismatic way (like a politician) but having some actual interesting content to share. Otherwise what is the point?




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Guest info:

Owen Fitzpatrick is an International best selling author,globetrotting psychologist, trainer and speaker who is regarded as a leading expert on Influence.

Having shared the stage with such figures as Sir Richard Branson, marketing genius Seth Godin, Dr Richard Bandler and Jean Claude Van Damme, Owen has trained people in more than 28 countries across the globe. He has written six books and has been translated into more than a dozen languages.


Show notes:


LN – Owen Fitzpatrick


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