Half Of Businesses Report They Can’t Rely On CRM Data?!

On this week in sales we’ll be looking at; Turning sales strategy into execution, half of businesses reporting they can’t rely on their CRM, How the show is going to evolve next week and more!

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Highspot and Corporate Visions Partner to Help Customers Turn Sales Strategy into Execution

Highspot, the sales enablement platform that improves sales performance, today announced an expanded partnership with Corporate Visions, the leading provider of science-backed training and consulting services. Joint customers can now use the first-of-its-kind Highspot Marketplace to bring Corporate Visions’ expertise directly into their Highspot environments, providing teams with convenient access to best-in-class enablement, training and coaching to drive consistent sales execution.

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The Hype About Data-Driven Decision-Making Is Not Being Matched By Reality

Sovan Bin, the CEO, enterprise data platform Odaseva. – “Clearly, for too many companies, the hype about data-driven decision-making is not being matched by reality.”

“More than three-quarters of large enterprises admit that they’re lacking fundamentals in data management, and this is preventing them from unlocking the full value of their CRM”

Forrester –

  • Found that 78 percent of enterprises report gaps in their data management that prevent them taking full advantage of their data
  • 64 percent said they find it challenging to actually move CRM data to platforms where it could be valuably used
  • 47 percent feel they cannot rely on their CRM data to provide a single source of truth regarding customer data.

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ValueSelling Associates Welcomes Rishi Dhawan and Expands Sales Training Presence in India, Southeast Asia and the Middle East

Based in Gurgaon, India, Rishi has over 20 years of global experience as a business leader at prominent tech companies, where he was known for developing high-performing sales teams and delivering winning results. Working with CXOs and sales leadership across industry verticals.

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TalSuccess launches Richardson Sales Performance Training Programs in India

TalSuccess, a leading talent transformation service provider, today announced the launch of a partnership with Richardson Sales Performance, a global leader in sales training and performance improvement.  TalSuccess will deliver sales training and performance improvement programs of Richardson Sales Performance in India.

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