#504: How To Hack Your Way To Unlimited Focus (Become A High Performer) With Curt Steinhorst

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Curt Steinhorst is the bestselling author of Can I Have Your Attention? Inspiring Better Work Habits, Focusing Your Team, and Getting Stuff Done in the Constantly Connected Workplace. He is on a mission to rescue us from our distracted selves.

On this episode of The Salesman Podcast Curt is explaining why it's more difficult than ever to focus in a high-stress job such as sales and how to hack your way to becoming a non procrastinating, high-performance individual.


What you will learn in this episode:

In this episode Curt shares –

  • Why your brain is constantly changing and how you can use this to your advantage
  • How your phone can be your biggest tool or root of your lack of productivity
  • The importance setting up an environment that will help you succeed

Resources mentioned:


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