Flockjay Pivots From Sales Training, The Convergences Of Sales Tech And More…

On this week in sales we’ll be looking at Flockjay pivoting from sales training, Pipeliner including experts in it’s CRM, the convergence of sales tech and much more!

You'll learn:


Flockjay cuts at least half of its workforce as it pivots away from bootcamps into B2B SaaS

Flockjay’s core offering is a 10-week sales training bootcamp that helps place graduates into sales jobs across tech companies — about 80% of the company’s students find a job within the first six months of graduation, the company said in January. The graduates of the course, otherwise known as Flockjay Tech Fellows, make an average of $75,000 upon graduation.

While it is true that learners shifted online, there are still questions around what purpose non-accredited training programs, such as Flockjay, serve, one investor said. With so many options in the market, users have optionality on what service they frequent — and the service may indeed be the one that has a flashy university partnership that validates their program and offers a safety net.

Flockjay’s struggles also put a spotlight on the highly scrutinized income-share agreements, ISAs. The financial instrument essentially allows students to avoid paying upfront fees to attend a bootcamp, and then ultimately pay back class fees through a percentage of their future income.



Pipeliner CRM Announces ExFind, the First Database of Experts and Global Consultants to be Included in a CRM Platform

Pipeliner CRM, the leading sales enablement tool and CRM software today announced the release of ExFind, a database of experts and global consultants, into their platform

Contract experts across a range of disciplines, including sales, marketing, leadership development, keynote speaking, motivation and more to best suit their needs.

“Pipeliner has developed a detailed contact database made up of over 1400 experts from more than 27 countries worldwide, most of which have showcased their expertise in our flagship publication, SalesPOP!,” says Nikolaus Kimla, CEO and Founder of Pipeliner CRM. “The release of ExFind is part of our ongoing commitment to building a comprehensive tool that brings expertise, education and thought leadership to our audience and users.”



Sales Enablement Leader Bigtincan to Acquire Brainshark

Bigtincan the global leader in sales enablement automation, announced it has entered into a binding agreement to acquire 100% of Brainshark, Inc. (“Brainshark”). The deal combines two of the leading providers of sales readiness solutions for training, coaching and onboarding, adding enterprise-grade capabilities to create the most complete Sales Enablement Platform in the market.



The Convergence Of Sales Enablement, Engagement And Readiness

Individually,  AI solutions are automating and enabling critical aspects of the commercial model – from resource allocation to sales training, account management, pricing, proposal writing and performance measurement.

Collectively, they are fast becoming the core components of a “Revenue Operating System

“We're living through an interesting phase right now where we have a lot of disparate systems in the commercial technology ecosystem,” according to Greg Munster, the VP of Global Sales Operations at Canonical



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