Dissecting What The World’s Fastest Growing Sales Companies Do Differently With Craig Rosenberg

Craig Rosenberg joins Will on this episode of the Salesman Podcast to leverage all the data he has acquired at TOPO so we can learn what the fastest growing sales based companies in the world are doing differently (so we can do it too).





What data from successful sales teams can teach us

The show starts with Will asking Craig how TOPO came about and how it has access to all the data that is needed to improve our personal sales performance. Then they discuss how somethings seemingly counter intuitive changes to the sales process like not doing a demo of a software product before a purchasing decision is made can improve overall conversion rates.

“All these training methods that have been around in B2B for 30 years are all routed in your ability to route and map the challenges and pains of the prospect […] that's not new, it's old and it's the missing piece”

The show is wrapped up with Craig explaining why inside sales reps need to have a more hands on approach across the hole of the sales process if they are going to be effective.

Craig and Will also cover –

  • Why you need to test your own sales process (and not rely on what you're told works)
  • Will offends the majority of the inside sales reps that tune in
  • How to give a more effective product demo
  • Why inside sales need to be more hands on
  • The importance of having a proposal meetings rather than just sending it over in an email




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Guest info:

Craig Rosenberg helps organizations sell and market more effectively. He is passionate about his customers and their success which has allowed him to create enduring, mutually beneficial relationships over the years.

Craig is a co-founder at TOPO which is a research and advisory firm that helps companies grow faster. They do this by shopping, benchmarking, and improving the experiences that sales and marketing organizations deliver to buyers.

It’s this data that helps TOPO's clients (some of the world’s fastest growing companies) drive more traffic, more leads, higher conversion rates, larger average deal sizes, shorter sales cycles, and lower churn rates. The result? Their clients grow 2X faster than the competition.


Show notes:



Craig's answer to ‘who is the greatest salesperson of all time' – Vince Vaughn


Books mentioned:

Sales Mastery: A Novel

The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation



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